This is a list of hosts I've used for my stuff over the years. Honestly I can't really say I've had any bad experiences. Usually I just wanted to move on to something different.

Hosting I've used


When I started doing my brother's business website I needed multiple domains and this fit the bill for what I needed at that time. It was a long time ago that I used HTTPme's service but everything always just worked for me. Things could very well be different now than they were in the mid 2000s


The one site I had was pretty busy so I tried it on on a dedicated server here. It was cheap for a dedicated server and used so it wasn't the greatest network or reliability but certainly things worked well enough for my needs. You get what you pay for and I was paying cheap.


I discovered VPS should be enough for my sites and these guys were supposed to have really good support which I needed at that time. This was the last hosts I used before wandering off to pretty much unmanaged hosts. I didn't need to pay for it and enjoyed the challenge of learning to take care of things myself. I'd highly recommend them if you don't want to deal with the headaches yourself. They were more expensive than many but things just worked.


Worked well for what I needed. They had good reviews and were a bit cheaper than Knownhost was so I switched over to them since I needed to save a few bucks at that time. Every little bit counts!


This was when I first switched to FreeBSD. They were the first ones that I found that supported it.

Razor Servers

Worked well enough for me at the time I used them. They were located in Philly and I have been interested in a Philly location for awhile not. No reason other than the fact I was from just outside Philly and wanted to support the local area. Seems that this company was sold shortly after I went elsewhere and went to shit then out of business.

ARP Networks

Found them and they also supported Freebsd so I gave them a try.

Database By Design, LLC

I saw deal on a freebsd VPS and had to try it because it was hosted in Philly in a building I've seen a million times when I was a kid. I was happy with them until I accidentally fire walled myself out. I thought it made a good time to take my backups and try something new.

Reliable Servers

They certainly lived up to their name. Never had a single problem with them. They make everything so easy to do. In the end the server just turned out to be more than I needed so I went elsewhere to save a few dollars.


RamNode worked good for me but I discovered Vultr which was a little cheaper so I went to them.


VPS basically by the same company as my previous host. It just worked. Only down once and they sent out a ticket or else I'd never have noticed. I was able to instantly start up a new VPS. I do find that I keep returning to them. Have used them off and on since 2015 I think.

TurnKey Internet

Tried a VPS there and it worked well enough. I decided I wanted a bigger disk than a VPS would reasonably allow at a reasonable price. I certainly would have no hesitation going back to Vultr if it fit my needs.


Excellent network. It just works. I didn't stay here for too long because I nixed the idea of a project that would have required the larger disk that a dedicated server could provide.


I got tired of dealing with the headaches of dealing with email so I've been using Runbox for quite a while. It just works and it's their headache not mine. It's such a pain in the ass dealing with spammers. I used it from 2014 until summer of 2019. The only reason I took my email elsewhere was really just the fact that the way runbox billing works it would get a bit expensive to have multiple accounts.


Although I was pleased with runbox in general they're new webmaIl was not usable for me with my browser's colors changed to what works for my eyes. It was also a bit pricey with wanting to add more email addresses. I'd come across MXroute before but it was a newer company then. So far it's ben stable and fast and just works. That's exactly what I want from email.


While I just started here I've been pleased with LaunchVPS so far. I've been wanting to check out another host in Philly. It does everything I need it to do and does it well so far plus it's a little cheaper than vultr was.