Album: Aerosmith's Greatest Hits
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Aerosmith
Label: Columbia
Year: 1997
Genre: Rock
10 Aerosmith 4:27
Same Old Song and Dance Aerosmith 3:04
Sweet Emotion Aerosmith 3:15
Walk This Way Aerosmith 3:32
Last Child Aerosmith 3:28
Back in the Saddle Aerosmith 4:41
Draw the Line Aerosmith 3:23
Kings and Queens Aerosmith 3:49
Come Together Aerosmith 3:46
Remember (Walking in the Sand) Aerosmith 4:04
Rating: 7 stars
Purchase Date: 3/3/2000

Greatest Hits is the first greatest hits compilation album by American hard rock band Aerosmith, released by Columbia Records in October 1980. It went multi-platinum and contained the hits that made the band an icon of the 1970s rock era. A few remastered versions of Greatest Hits appeared in the 1990s and are considered partly responsible for the band's popular rejuvenation during the decade. Some of the tracks were significantly edited from their original versions. The single version of "Same Old Song and Dance" was used, and was edited down almost a full minute. It also contained an alternate lyric which wasn't heard on Get Your Wings. The original lyric was "Gotcha with the cocaine, found with your gun." The alternate lyric, included on the compilation, was "You shady lookin' loser, you played with my gun." "Sweet Emotion" also used the considerably less popular single version. The coda which ends the song was replaced with a repeating of the chorus and fades out. The song also begins with the first chorus, cutting out the now famous talk box intro. "Kings and Queens" was also edited down, cutting the intro and certain other parts. "Walk This Way" was edited slightly, chanting the first chorus once instead of twice. The other remaining tracks were kept intact.

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