Album: Autopsychosis
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Katalepsy
Label: Unique Leader Records
Year: 2013
Lurking in the Depth Katalepsy 3:39
Evidence of Near Death (E.N.D.) Katalepsy 2:39
Body Bags for the Gods Katalepsy 3:00
Cold Flesh Citadel Katalepsy 3:41
Pulse of Somnambulist, The Katalepsy 4:04
Unearthly Urge to Supremacy Katalepsy 3:37
Gore Conspiracy Katalepsy 4:00
Amongst Phantom Worlds Katalepsy 4:06
Needles of Hypocrisy (interlude) Katalepsy 1:59
Knifed Humility Katalepsy 4:23
Taedium Vitae Katalepsy 5:02
ID: 1217
Date Created: 2019-02-06
Date Modified: 2019-02-06