Album: Best Of Extreme, The
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Extreme
Label: A&M Records
Year: 1998
Decadence Dance Extreme 6:52
Rest in Peace Extreme 6:04
Kid Ego Extreme 4:04
Get the Funk Out Extreme 4:25
Tragic Comic Extreme 4:47
Hip Today Extreme 4:43
Stop the World Extreme 6:06
More Than Words Extreme 5:37
Cupid’s Dead (horn Mix) Extreme 5:57
Leave Me Alone Extreme 4:50
Play With Me Extreme 3:31
Hole Hearted Extreme 3:42
Am I Ever Gonna Change Extreme 6:59
ID: 1198
Date Created: 2019-02-06
Date Modified: 2019-02-06