Album: Candlemass
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Candlemass
Label: Music for Nations
Year: 1994
Genre: Rock
Solitude Candlemass 5:36
Bewitched Candlemass 6:39
Dying Illusion Candlemass 5:49
Demons Gate Candlemass 9:11
Mirror, Mirror (live) Candlemass 5:30
Samarithan Candlemass 5:29
Into the Unfathomed Tower Candlemass 3:04
Bearer of Pain Candlemass 7:24
Where the Runes Still Speak Candlemass 8:39
At the Gallows End Candlemass 5:47
Mourner's Lament Candlemass 6:09
A Tale of Creation Candlemass 6:54
Ebony Throne Candlemass 4:23
Under the Oak Candlemass 6:00
Well of Souls (live) Candlemass 5:23
Dark Are the Veils of Death Candlemass 4:04
Darkness in Paradise Candlemass 6:48
End of Pain, The Candlemass 4:23
Sorcerer's Pledge Candlemass 10:14
Solitude ('87 12' Version) Candlemass 5:48
Crystal Ball ('87 12' Version) Candlemass 5:27
Bullfest ('93 Swedish Party Single) Candlemass 3:14

Recorded at Polar Studios Stockholm Nov/Dec 2005. Vocal overdubs at Platform Studios. Additional overdubs done at Airplay. Mixed at Khabang. Mastring [sic] at CRP. Produzido no Pólo industrial de Manaus por: CD+® da Indústria da Amazônia Ltda. Sob encomenda de Denwa Comércio e Importação Ltda. Sob licença de Laser Company Records. Track 10 is untitled and not mentioned in the booklet and covers.

ID: 822
Date Created: 2017-02-09
Date Modified: 2017-02-09
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Nationality: Brazil
Producer: Candlemass; Norgren, Pontus