Album: Dreaming Neon Black
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Nevermore
Label: Century Media
Year: 1999
Genre: Hardcore Metal
13 Nevermore 0:47
Beyond Within Nevermore 5:12
Death of Passion, The Nevermore 4:10
I Am the Dog Nevermore 4:13
Dreaming Neon Black Nevermore 6:26
Deconstruction Nevermore 6:40
Fault of the Flesh, The Nevermore 4:55
Lotus Eaters, The Nevermore 4:26
Poison Godmachine Nevermore 4:34
All Play Dead Nevermore 4:58
Cenotaph Nevermore 4:39
No More Will Nevermore 5:46
Forever Nevermore 9:20
"Untitled" Nevermore 0:08
Rating: 7 stars

Recorded at Village Productions, Tornillo, TX. Produced, recorded, and mixed for Auslander. © Magic Arts Publishing 1999 ℗ Century Media Records 1999, 1453-A 14th Street #324, Santa Monica, CA 90404, U.S.A. Distribution: SPV in Germany; Caroline Distribution in the U.S.; Suburban in Benelux; House Of Kicks in Sweden; Plastic Head in UK; Media 7 in France; NSM Records in Austria; Phonag Records in Switzerland; Self Distribution in Italy; Mastertrax in Spain; MVM in Portugal; MMP in Poland; Globus in Czech Republic; Music Dome in Hugary; Megatherion in Greece; Voices Of Wonder in Norway; Spinefarm in Finland; Nordic Metal in Denmark; NEMS Enterprises in Argentina; St. Clair in Canada; M.D.M.A. in Israel; Shock in Australia; Rock Brigade in Brazil.

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Date Created: 2017-02-08
Date Modified: 2017-02-08
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Nationality: US
Producer: Kernon, Neil