Album: Forgotten Tales, The
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Blind Guardian
Label: Century Media
Year: 2004
Genre: Rock
Mr. Sandman Blind Guardian 2:12
Surfin' USA Blind Guardian 2:27
Bright Eyes (acoustic Version) Blind Guardian 4:24
Lord of the Rings (orchestral Version) Blind Guardian 3:59
Wizard, The Blind Guardian 3:18
Spread Your Wings Blind Guardian 4:16
Mordred's Song (acoustic Version) Blind Guardian 5:18
Black Chamber (orchestral Version) Blind Guardian 1:18
Bard's Song (live), The Blind Guardian 4:14
Barbara Ann / Long Tall Sally Blind Guardian 1:47
A Past and Future Secret Blind Guardian 3:49
To France Blind Guardian 4:45
Theatre of Pain (orchestral Version) Blind Guardian 4:16
Hallelujah Blind Guardian 3:18
Beyond The Realms Of Death Blind Guardian 7:03
Don't Talk To Strangers Blind Guardian 4:48

Originally released in 1996. Track 1 is a Pat Ballard cover Track 2 & 10 are Beach Boys covers Track 3 & 7 rearranged and rerecorded acoustic versions Track 4,8 & 13 rearranged and rerecorded orchestral versions Track 5 is a Uriah Heep cover Track 6 is a Queen cover Track 12 is a Mike Oldfield cover Track 14 is a Fleetwood Mac cover Track 15 is a Judas Priest cover Track 16 is a Dio cover Mastered at Central Sound Studio/Hamburg. Album re-mastered by SRS Mastering in March/April 2007. ℗ 2007 The Copyright In This Sound Recording Is Owned By Virgin Music, A Division Of EMI Music Germany GmbH & Co. KG © 2007 Virgin Music, A Division Of EMI Music Germany GmbH & Co. KG

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Nationality: Germany