Album: Hungry
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Brainstorm
Label: B.O. Records
Year: 1997
Genre: General Rock
11 Brainstorm 3:11
King of Fools Brainstorm 3:52
Innocent Until Caught Brainstorm 4:58
Other Side, The Brainstorm 6:53
Tomorrow Never Comes Brainstorm 3:29
Liar's Edge Brainstorm 4:53
Tell-Tale Heart Brainstorm 3:44
Welcome to the Darkside Brainstorm 5:10
Bring You Down Brainstorm 4:20
Deep Down Into Passion Brainstorm 4:35
Mr. Know-It-All Brainstorm 4:15
Rating: 7 stars

Promotional version, just the cover and disc in a plastic sleeve.

ID: 122
Date Created: 2017-02-08
Date Modified: 2017-02-08
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Nationality: Germany