Album: Inherited Repression, The
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Psycroptic
Label: Riot Entertainment; Nuclear Blast
Year: 2012
Carriers of the Plague Psycroptic 6:08
Forward to Submission Psycroptic 3:57
Euphorinasia Psycroptic 4:55
Throne of Kings, The Psycroptic 4:05
Unmasking the Traitors Psycroptic 3:56
Become the Cult Psycroptic 4:12
From Scribe to Ashes Psycroptic 3:51
Deprivation Psycroptic 5:45
Sleepers Have Awoken, The Psycroptic 4:09
ID: 909
Date Created: 2018-10-23
Date Modified: 2018-10-23