Album: Judgement
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Anathema
Label: Music For Nations
Year: 1999
Genre: General Rock
13 Anathema 4:54
Pitiless Anathema 3:11
Forgotten Hopes Anathema 3:50
Destiny Is Dead Anathema 1:46
Make It Right (F.F.S.) Anathema 4:20
One Last Goodbye Anathema 5:23
Parisienne Moonlight Anathema 2:10
Judgement Anathema 4:21
Don’t Look Too Far Anathema 4:57
Emotional Winter Anathema 5:54
Wings of God Anathema 6:29
Anyone, Anywhere Anathema 4:51
2000 & Gone Anathema 4:51
Transacoustic Anathema 3:49
Rating: 7 stars

As ye sow, so shall ye weep. Sticker on the front: Anathema "Judgement" Limited Edition Digipak includes bonus track "Transacoustic" CDMFNX 250 Recorded, mixed and mastered at Damage Inc. Studios, Ventimiglia, Italy, February 1 - April 15, 1999. Track 14 is a bonus track. All tracks published by Zomba Music Pub. Ltd. Dedicated to Helen Cavanagh (1949-1998) - a wonderful mother and a beautiful friend. On the back cover: ℗ 1999 Music for Nations © 1999 Music for Nations. Printed in Italy by Pozzoli SpA. On the CD: Made in Italy.

ID: 34
Date Created: 2017-02-08
Date Modified: 2017-02-08
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Nationality: UK
Producer: Mollo, Dario; Woolven, Kit