Album: Jupiter
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Atheist
Year: 2010
Genre: Abstract Strategy; Dice
Second to Sun Atheist 4:02
Fictitious Glide Atheist 4:51
Fraudulent Cloth Atheist 3:22
Live and Live Again Atheist 3:37
Faux King Christ Atheist 4:00
Tortoise the Titan Atheist 3:38
When the Beast Atheist 4:55
Third Person Atheist 4:08
ID: 918
Date Created: 2018-10-23
Date Modified: 2018-10-23
Publisher: Franjos Spieleverlag; W. Nostheide Verlag GmbH
Mechanism: Tile Placement
Designer: Reiner Knizia
Number of Players: 2; 3; 4
Playing Time: 15
Minimum Age: 8

In turns, the players choose between playing markers or dice on the board. Dice are rolled and placed on the board. These will give points to players who have their markers in straight lines (horizontally and vertically) to the dice. When the board is full the player with the most points wins.