Album: Keeper Of The Seven Key; Part I
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Helloween
Label: Noise Records
Year: 1993
Genre: General Rock
8 Helloween 1:20
I’m Alive Helloween 3:23
A Little Time Helloween 4:01
Twilight of the Gods Helloween 4:31
A Tale That Wasn’t Right Helloween 4:45
Future World Helloween 4:03
Halloween Helloween 13:20
Follow the Sign Helloween 1:48
Victim Of Fate (Single B-Side) (Michael Kiske Version) Helloween 6:59
Starlight (Remix) (Michael Kiske Remix Version) Helloween 4:14
A Little Time (Alternative Version) Helloween 3:31
Halloween (Video Edit) Helloween 5:02
Rating: 7 stars

Comes in a paper slip-sleeve. Comes with a color booklet. Tracks 9 to 12 are bonus tracks. Re-Mastered at Town House. Mixed by "Suck My Duck" Productions. Recorded and mixed at Horus Sound Studio, Hannover, Nov./Dec. '86 & Jan. '87. Tracks 1-8, 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I', Noise Records N 0057, May 1987. Track 9 - b-side 'I Want Out' Single, Noise Records N 01762. Track 10 - b-side 'Future World' Single, Michael Kiske Version - remixed 2002 version taken from 'Treasure Chest', Metal-Is Records MISBX015 & MISDD015. Track 11 - b-side 'Future World' 12" Single - Alternative Version, Noise Records NUK/PD 083. Track 12 - video edit version taken from 'Pumpkin Box'. All tracks published by Maldoror / Wintrup Music. Tracks 1-8, 11 & 12 (P) 1987; track 9 (P) 1988; track 10 (P) 2002. Thanks to Mike Mastrangelo & Richard Jaskeran @ SRG Archives. Special thanks to Nikolas Krofta & Kosta Zafiriou @ Bottow Row Promotion, Steve McTaggart @ SRG, Germany and David Bredebach. Artwork credit is written "Edda and Uwe Karczewski, Hamburg"

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Nationality: US
Producer: Newton, Tommy