Album: New Tattoo
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Motley Crue
Label: M�tley Records
Year: 2000
Genre: General Rock; Rock & Roll
11 Mötley Crüe 4:16
Treat Me Like the Dog I Am Mötley Crüe 3:40
New Tattoo Mötley Crüe 4:18
Dragstrip Superstar Mötley Crüe 4:22
1st Band on the Moon Mötley Crüe 4:25
She Needs Rock and Roll Mötley Crüe 3:60
Punched in the Teeth by Love Mötley Crüe 3:33
Hollywood Ending Mötley Crüe 3:44
Fake Mötley Crüe 3:45
Porno Star Mötley Crüe 3:45
White Punks on Dope Mötley Crüe 3:39
1st Band On The Moon (Demo) Mötley Crüe
Porno Star (Demo) Mötley Crüe
Kickstart My Heart Mötley Crüe
Same Ol' Situation Mötley Crüe
Dr Feelgood Mötley Crüe
Hell On High Heels Mötley Crüe
Live Wire Mötley Crüe
White Punks On Dope Mötley Crüe
Rating: 7 stars

Includes video of 'Hell On High Heels'. Transparent promo sticker on jewel case. Red sticker on jewel case 'Crücial Crüe - have to have it! Specially priced 2 cd set. All the original tracks + 2 bonus tracks + Bonus 6 song cd recorded live in SLC. Enhanced cd video of "Hell On High Heels" 440 067 644-2'

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Date Created: 2017-02-08
Date Modified: 2017-02-08
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Nationality: US