Album: Straight to Hell: A Tribute To Slayer
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Dead Line
Year: 1999
Genre: Heavy Metal; General Rock
13 Brutal Truth 1:20
South of Heaven Abaddon 4:41
South of Heaven (live) The Electric Hellfire Club 4:03
Black Magic Hypocrisy 3:25
Altar of Sacrifice Hecate Enthroned 4:00
Piece by Piece Mortician 1:57
Mandatory Suicide Chapter 7 4:04
Fight Till Death Jungle Rot 3:36
Behind the Crooked Cross Gigantor 3:06
Blood Red Naked Lunch 4:33
Angel of Death Brood 4:36
Antichrist Dissection 2:47
Chemical Warfare Embraze 4:59
ID: 726
Date Created: 2017-02-08
Date Modified: 2021-12-07
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Nationality: US