Album: Trial by Fire
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Journey
Label: Columbia Records
Year: 1996
Genre: Hard Rock; General Rock
15 Journey 5:38
One More Journey 5:31
When You Love a Woman Journey 4:10
If He Should Break Your Heart Journey 4:26
Forever in Blue Journey 3:38
Castles Burning Journey 6:03
Don’t Be Down on Me Baby Journey 4:05
Still She Cries Journey 5:07
Colors of the Spirit Journey 5:38
When I Think of You Journey 4:24
Easy to Fall Journey 5:18
Can’t Tame the Lion Journey 4:36
It’s Just the Rain Journey 5:17
Trial by Fire Journey 7:58
ID: 345
Date Created: 2017-02-08
Date Modified: 2021-12-07