Album: Journey To The End Of The Night
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Green Carnation
Label: Prophecy Productions
Year: 2006
Falling Into Darkness Green Carnation 2:34
In the Realm of the Midnight Sun Green Carnation 13:43
My Dark Reflections of Life and Death Green Carnation 17:50
Under Eternal Stars Green Carnation 15:31
Journey to the End of the Night, Part I Green Carnation 11:29
Echoes of Despair, Part II Green Carnation 2:30
End of Journey? Part III Green Carnation 5:09
Shattered, Part IV Green Carnation 1:35
Keywords: Modern fiction; General; Fiction - General; Fiction
ID: 910
Date Created: 2018-10-23
Date Modified: 2021-12-07
Nationality: United States; Germany; Brazil
Publication Year: 1997
Language: English; Portuguese; Yoruba
Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital