My Music(grouped by Artist)

Album Artist Year Genre
“Weird Al” Yankovic
In 3-D “Weird Al” Yankovic 1999 General Pop; General Rock
[nature Sounds]
Thunderstorms [nature Sounds] 1998 Unknown
4 Non Blondes
Bigger Better Faster More 4 Non Blondes 1992
A Pale Horse Named Death
And Hell Will Follow Me A Pale Horse Named Death 2011 Rock
Lay My Soul To Waste A Pale Horse Named Death 2013
A Tribute to Helloween
Keepers of Jericho, The A Tribute to Helloween 2000 General Rock
Gold - Greatest Hits Abba 1997 Pop
Mechanisms of Omniscience Abnormality 2016
Stiff Upper Lip AC/DC 2000 General Rock
Back In Black AC/DC 1995 Heavy Metal
Ballbreaker AC/DC 1997 Heavy Metal
DC / AC/DC Live AC/DC 1997 Pop / Rock
Acid Bath
Paegan Terrorism Tactics Acid Bath 2010 Rock
When the Kite String Pops Acid Bath 2004 Rock
A Little South of Sanity Aerosmith 1997 Rock
Aerosmith's Greatest Hits Aerosmith 1997 Rock
Pump Aerosmith 1997
Get A Grip Aerosmith 1997 Rock
Nine Lives Aerosmith 1997 Rock
Permanent Vacation Aerosmith 1987 General Rock
Done With Mirrors Aerosmith 1985 General Rock
After Forever
Exordium After Forever 2003
Invisible Circles After Forever 2004
Prison of Desire After Forever 2000
After Forever After Forever 2007
Agents Of Oblivion
Agents Of Oblivion Agents Of Oblivion 2000
Alanis Morissette
Jagged Little Pill Alanis Morissette 1995 Rock
Other Side, The Alastis 1997 Death Metal
Alice Cooper
Last Temptation, The Alice Cooper 1994 Hard Rock
Greatest Hits Alice Cooper 1974 Hard Rock
Welcome To My Nightmare Alice Cooper 1975 General Rock
Alice In Chains
Nothing Safe Alice In Chains 1999 Grunge
MTV Unplugged Alice In Chains 1997 General Rock; Grunge
Alice In Chains Alice In Chains 1995 Grunge
Jar Of Flies Alice In Chains 1993 Grunge; Hard Rock
Dirt Alice In Chains 1992 Grunge
Sap Alice In Chains 1992 Grunge; Heavy Metal
Facelift Alice In Chains 1990 General Metal
Rainier Fog Alice In Chains 2018
Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, The Alice In Chains 2013
Black Gives Way To Blue Alice In Chains 2009
Liquid Anatomy Alkaloid 2018
Malkuth Grimoire, The Alkaloid 2015
Alter Bridge
Blackbird Alter Bridge 2008 Rock
Last Hero, The Alter Bridge 2016
Fortress Alter Bridge 2013 Unknown
One Day Remains Alter Bridge 2004 Unknown
III Alter Bridge 2010
Walk The Sky Alter Bridge 2019
Walk The Sky 2.0 Alter Bridge 2020
Pawns & Kings Alter Bridge 2022
Amduscias Amduscias 1999 General Rock
American Idol Ensemble
American Idol: Season 8 American Idol Ensemble 2009 Unknown
Beneath Amoral 2011
Tuonela Amorphis 1999 Progressive Metal
Tales From The Thousand Lakes Amorphis 1994 Progressive Metal; Black/Death Metal
A Fine Day To Exit Anathema 2001 Gothic Metal
Judgement Anathema 1999 General Rock
Eternity Anathema 1996 General Rock
Silent Enigma, The Anathema 1995 Doom Metal; General Rock
Angel Dust
Of Human Bondage Angel Dust 2001 Thrash/Speed Metal
Enlighten The Darkness Angel Dust 2000 General Rock; Thrash/Speed Metal
Bleed Angel Dust 1999 Thrash/Speed Metal
Border of Reality Angel Dust 1998 General Rock; Thrash/Speed Metal
Into the Dark Past Angel Dust 1986 General Rock; Thrash/Speed Metal
King of the Kill Annihilator 2000 General Rock
Criteria For A Black Widow Annihilator 1999
Alice In Hell Annihilator 1998
Return Of The Killer A's Anthrax 1999 Thrash/Speed Metal
Stomp 442 Anthrax 1995 General Metal; Thrash/Speed Metal
Sound Of White Noise Anthrax 1993 Grunge; Thrash/Speed Metal
Attack of the Killer B's Anthrax 1991 Rap Metal; Thrash/Speed Metal
Persistence Of Time Anthrax 1990 Hard Rock; Thrash/Speed Metal
Among the Living Anthrax 1987 Unknown
Cult Apocalyptica 2001 Strings
Aquarium Aqua 1977 Electronic; Pop
Arch Enemy
Covered in Blood Arch Enemy 2019
Will to Power Arch Enemy 2017
Relentless Mutation Archspire 2017
Lucid Collective, The Archspire 2014
Bleed The Future Archspire 2022 Rock
Soundtrack Armageddon 1997 Film Soundtrack; Rock & Roll
Artificial Brain
Artificial Brain Artificial Brain 2022
Ashes Of Ares
Ashes Of Ares Ashes Of Ares 2013
Well Of Souls Ashes Of Ares 2018
Emperors And Fools Ashes Of Ares 2022 Rock
Unquestionable Presence Atheist 2015 Rock
Piece of Time Atheist 1990 Death Metal
Elements Atheist 2005
Jupiter Atheist 2010 Abstract Strategy; Dice
Audioslave Audioslave 2002
Revelations Audioslave 2006
Out Of Exile Audioslave 2005
Illusive Golden Age Augury 2018
Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold 2007 Rock
Nightmare Avenged Sevenfold 2010 Rock
Megalithic Symphony AWOLNATION 2011 Electronic; Rock; Funk / Soul; Pop
Source, The Ayreon 2017
01011001 Ayreon 2008
Universal Migrator Part I & II Ayreon 2004
Bad Company
10 From 6 Bad Company 1985 Hard Rock
Bad Religion
Stranger Than Fiction Bad Religion 1994 General Punk; General Rock
Voodoo Highway Badlands 1991 General Rock
Badlands Badlands 2010
Beastie Boys
Ill Communication Beastie Boys 1994
Licensed To Ill Beastie Boys 1986
Paul's Boutique Beastie Boys 1989
Check Your Head Beastie Boys 1992
Bee Gees
Greatest Bee Gees 1979 Disco; General Rock
Best of Beethoven, The Beethoven General Classical
Better Than Ezra
Deluxe Better Than Ezra 1997 Electronic; Rock
Friction Baby Better Than Ezra 1996
Beyond Creation
Algorythm Beyond Creation 2018
Billy Squier
16 Strokes (The Best of Billy Squier) Billy Squier 1995 Rock
State Of The World Address Biohazard 1994 Progressive Metal
Black Sabbath
Dehumanizer Black Sabbath 1998 Heavy Metal
Reunion Black Sabbath 1998 Heavy Metal
Seventh Star Black Sabbath 1997 Heavy Metal
Cross Purposes Black Sabbath 1997 Heavy Metal; General Rock
California Jam Black Sabbath 1997 Heavy Metal
Forbidden Black Sabbath 1997 Heavy Metal
Eternal Idol, The Black Sabbath 1997 Heavy Metal
TYR Black Sabbath 1997 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Vol. 4 Black Sabbath 1997 Heavy Metal
Headless Cross Black Sabbath 1989 Heavy Metal
Born Again Black Sabbath 1983 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Live Evil Black Sabbath 1982 General Rock
Mob Rules Black Sabbath 1981 Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
Heaven And Hell Black Sabbath 1980 Heavy Metal
Never Say Die Black Sabbath 1978 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Technical Ecstasy Black Sabbath 1976 Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
Sabotage Black Sabbath 1974 Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Black Sabbath 1973 Heavy Metal
Master Of Reality Black Sabbath 1971 Heavy Metal; Grindcore
Paranoid Black Sabbath 1970 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 1970 Heavy Metal
Black Night In San Francisco Black Sabbath 1995 Heavy Metal
Blessid Union Of Souls
Blessid Union of Souls Blessid Union Of Souls 1997 General Alternative
Home Blessid Union Of Souls 1997
Blind Guardian
A Night At The Opera Blind Guardian 2002 Heavy Metal
Nightfall in Middle Earth Blind Guardian 1998 Heavy Metal; General Metal
Somewhere Far Beyond Blind Guardian 1992 General Rock
Tales From The Twilight World Blind Guardian 1991 Heavy Metal
Forgotten Tales, The Blind Guardian 2004 Rock
A Twist In The Myth Blind Guardian 2006
Blind Melon
Nico Blind Melon 1997 Rock
Blind Melon Blind Melon 1997 Rock
Soup Blind Melon 1997 Rock
Ghosts of Download Blondie 2014
Blues Traveler
Straight On Till Morning Blues Traveler 1997 Rock; Blues
Live From The Fall Disc 1 Blues Traveler 1997
Live From The Fall Disc 2 Blues Traveler 1997
Four Blues Traveler 1997 Hip Hop
Save His Soul Blues Traveler 1997 Rock; Blues
Bob Dylan
Grateful Dead / Dylan & The Dead Bob Dylan 1997 Folk-Rock
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Bob Dylan 1996 Folk-Rock; General Folk
Body Count
Body Count Body Count 1997 Rap Metal; Hard Rock
Born Dead Body Count 1997 Alternative Metal
Bon Jovi
These Days Bon Jovi 1995
Crossroad Bon Jovi 1994 Rock
Keep The Faith Bon Jovi 1992
New Jersey Bon Jovi 1988
Slippery When Wet Bon Jovi 1986
7800° Fahrenheit Bon Jovi 1985 Rock
Bon Jovi Bon Jovi 1984 Rock
Bonnie Tyler
Free Spirit Bonnie Tyler 1995 Pop
Empiricism Borknagar 2001 Black Metal; Progressive Metal
Olden Domain, The Borknagar 1997 Black Metal; General Rock
Walk On Boston 1997 General Rock; Progressive Rock
Boston Boston 1997 Hard Rock; General Rock
Third Stage Boston 1997 Classic Rock
Boyz II Men
Christmas Interpretations Boyz II Men 1997 Christmas
CooleyHighHarmony Boyz II Men 1997 General Pop
Ambiguity Brainstorm 2000 General Unclassifiable
Hungry Brainstorm 1997 General Rock
Bruce Dickinson
Chemical Wedding, The Bruce Dickinson 1998 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Balls To Picasso Bruce Dickinson 1994 General Rock
Bruce Springsteen
Born in the USA Bruce Springsteen
Raza Odiada Brujeria 0 Rock
Sixteen Stone Bush 1997 Grunge
Razorblade Suitcase Bush 1997 Grunge
Deconstructed Bush 1997 Grunge
Happy Pills Candlebox 1998 Grunge
Lucy Candlebox 1995 Grunge
Candlebox Candlebox 1993 Grunge; Progressive Rock
Into The Sun Candlebox 2008
Disappearing in Airports Candlebox 2016
Love Stories & Other Musings Candlebox 2012
Wolves Candlebox 2021 Rock
Black Heart Of Leif Edling (Disc 2), The Candlemass 2003 General Rock
Chapter VI Candlemass 1992 Heavy Metal; Gothic Metal
Tales of Creation Candlemass 1989 Doom Metal
Candlemass Candlemass 1994 Rock
Psalms For The Dead Candlemass 2012
King Of The Grey Candlemass 2007
Death Magic Doom Candlemass 2009
Pendulum, The Candlemass 2020
Casualties, The
Resistance Casualties, The 2012
Catch the Rainbow
A Tribute to Rainbow Catch the Rainbow 1999 Heavy Metal
Caravan Beyond Redemption Cathedral 1998 General Rock
Supernatural Birth Machine Cathedral 1996 General Rock
Hopkins (The Witchfinder General) Cathedral 1995 Doom
Celestial Season
Solar Lovers Celestial Season 1995 Black/Death Metal
Celtic Frost
Monotheist Celtic Frost 2006 Rock
To Mega Therion Celtic Frost 2017
Century Media
Darkness We Feel Century Media General Unclassifiable
Cephalic Carnage
Halls Of Amenti Cephalic Carnage 2002 Grindcore
Conforming to Abnormality Cephalic Carnage 2008 Hydrogrind
Lucid Interval Cephalic Carnage 2002
Misled By Certainty Cephalic Carnage 2010
Charred Walls of the Damned
Charred Walls of the Damned Charred Walls of the Damned 2010
Cheap Trick
Greatest Hits, The Cheap Trick 1997 Hard Rock
Greatest Hits 1982-1989 Chicago 1997 Soft Rock; General Rock
Chris Cornell
Songbook Chris Cornell 2011
Chris Cornell Chris Cornell 2018
Higher Truth Chris Cornell 2015
Dead To The World Chum 1996 General Rock
Long Cold Winter Cinderella 1997 Pop/Hair Metal; Hard Rock
Still Climbing Cinderella 1997 Pop/Hair Metal; General Rock
Once Upon A... Cinderella 1997 Pop/Hair Metal; Hard Rock
Heartbreak Station Cinderella 1994 General Rock
Circle II Circle
Watching In Silence Circle II Circle 2003 Progressive Metal
Claccial Masterpieces
50 Classical Masterpieces Album 2 Claccial Masterpieces 2000 General Classical
Collective Soul
Dosage Collective Soul 1999 General Alternative; General Rock
Disciplined Breakdown Collective Soul 1997 General Alternative; General Rock
Collective Soul Collective Soul 1995 General Rock
Hints Allegations And Things Left Unsaid Collective Soul 1993 General Alternative
Conception (3)
State Of Deception Conception (3) 2020 Rock
Unraveled Confessor 2005
Control Denied
Fragile Art Of Existence, The Control Denied 2010
Corrosion of Conformity
Wiseblood Corrosion of Conformity 1996 Rock
Deliverance Corrosion of Conformity 1994
Animosity Corrosion of Conformity 1994 General Rock
Council Of The Fallen
Deciphering The Soul Council Of The Fallen 2004 Rock
Counting Crows
August and Everything After Counting Crows 1993 General Alternative
Kerosene Hat Cracker 1997 General Rock
Crash Test Dummies
God Shuffled His Feet Crash Test Dummies 1993 Rock; Pop
Human Clay Creed 1999 Rock
My Own Prison Creed 1997 Rock
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Chronicle Creedence Clearwater Revival 1997 Classic Rock
Odd Fellows Rest Crowbar 1999
Crowbar Crowbar 1993
Obedience Thru Suffering Crowbar 1991
Lifesblood for the Downtrodden Crowbar 2005
Zero and Below Crowbar 2022
None So Vile Cryptopsy 1996
Blasphemy Made Flesh Cryptopsy 2015
Focus Cynic 1993
Nuklearth Cytotoxin 2020
Damn Yankees
Damn Yankees Damn Yankees 1990
Don't Tread Damn Yankees 1992
Danzig Danzig 1998 Rock
Danzig - Thrall-Demonsweatlive Danzig 1992
Danzig II - Lucifuge Danzig 1990 General Rock
How The Gods Kill Danzig 1992 Rock
Darkwoods My Betrothed
Witch-Hunts Darkwoods My Betrothed 1998 Alternative Metal; Black/Death Metal
Daughtry Daughtry 2006 Rock
Dawn Of Dreams
Amber Dawn Of Dreams 1996 General Rock
Dax Riggs
If This Is Hell Then Im Lucky Dax Riggs
We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love Dax Riggs 2007
Say Goodnight to the World Dax Riggs 2010
Days of the New
Days of the New Days of the New 1999 Rock
Debut Days of the New 1997
Dead Milkmen, The
Stoney's Extra Stout Dead Milkmen, The 1997 Rock
Death Rides a Pale Cow Dead Milkmen, The 1997 Indie
Deadboy and The Elephantmen
We Are Night Sky Deadboy and The Elephantmen 2006
Symbolic Death 1995 Rock
Individual Thought Patterns Death 2011
Human Death 1991
Spiritual Healing Death 2012
Fall-Dark Waters Decoryah 1996 General Rock
Wisdom Floats Decoryah 1995 General Rock
Deeds Of Flesh
Portals to Canaan Deeds Of Flesh 2013
Reduced to Ashes Deeds Of Flesh 2003
Deep Purple
When We Rock; We Rock And When We Roll; We Roll Deep Purple 1990 Rock
Battle Rages On, The Deep Purple 1993 Rock
Def Leppard
Adrenalize Def Leppard 2003 Rock
Euphoria Def Leppard 1999
Vault Def Leppard 1995
Pyromania Def Leppard 1990
Defeated Sanity
Passages into Deformity Defeated Sanity 2013
Adrenaline Deftones 1995
Once Upon The Cross Deicide 1997 Rock
Human Contradiction, The Delain 2014 Rock
Demons & Wizards
Demons & Wizards Demons & Wizards 1999 Progressive Metal; Heavy Metal
Touched by the Crimson King Demons & Wizards 2005 General Metal; Thrash/Speed Metal
III Demons & Wizards 2020
Failure Subside Departe 2016
Depeche Mode
I Feel You Depeche Mode 2004
Orphic Signs Desecravity 2014
Implicit Obedience Desecravity 2012
Anathema Desecravity 2019
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Have A Nice Trip Die Apokalyptischen Reiter 2003 General Metal
All You Need Is Love Die Apokalyptischen Reiter 2000 Death Metal
Allegro Barbaro Die Apokalyptischen Reiter 2003 Black/Death Metal
Licht Die Apokalyptischen Reiter 2008
Dimmu Borgir
Death Cult Armageddon Dimmu Borgir 2003 Black/Death Metal
Alive In Torment Dimmu Borgir 2002 Black/Death Metal
Killing The Dragon Dio 2002 Classic Rock
Magica Dio 2000 Heavy Metal
Dio's Inferno - The Last in Live (Disc 2) Dio 1998 Heavy Metal
Lock Up the Wolves Dio 1997 Heavy Metal; General Metal
Dream Evil Dio 1997 Heavy Metal
Angry Machines Dio 1997 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Strange Highways Dio 1997 Heavy Metal
Sacred Heart Dio 1985 Heavy Metal
Last In Line Dio 1984 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Holy Diver Dio 1983 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Master of the Moon Dio 2004 Rock
Dirty Deeds
Real World Dirty Deeds 1999 General Rock
Imperfect World Disassociate
And You Think You Know What Life's About Dishwalla 1998
Pet Your Friends Dishwalla 1995 Rock; Pop
Ten Thousand Fists Disturbed 2005 Rock
Asylum Disturbed 2010
Evolution Disturbed 2018
Lost Children, The Disturbed 2011
Diverse Artister
Out Of The Dark Diverse Artister 1997 General Metal
Very Best of, The Dokken 1994 General Rock
Building The Perfect Beast Henley; Don 1984 Rock
Doors, The
Greatest Hits Doors, The 1997 Hard Rock; General Rock
Best Of The Doors (Disc 2), The Doors, The 1997 Classic Rock; Art Rock
In Concert Doors, The 1997 Hard Rock; Classic Rock
Best Of The Doors Doors, The 1985 Hard Rock; General Rock
Doro DORO 1990 Rock
Nola Down 1997
Down II A Bustle in Your Hedgerow Down 2002
Ultra Beatdown Dragonforce 2008 Rock
Rapture Dragonlord 2001
Dream Child
Until Death Do We Meet Again Dream Child 2018
Dream Theater
Train Of Thought Dream Theater 2003 Progressive Metal; Progressive Rock
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory Dream Theater 1999 Progressive Metal
Falling Into Infinity Dream Theater 1997 Progressive Metal; Hard Rock
A Change Of Seasons Dream Theater 1995 Progressive Metal; Hard Rock
Awake Dream Theater 1994 Progressive Metal; Hard Rock
Images And Words Dream Theater 1992 Progressive Metal
When Dream And Day Unite Dream Theater 1989 Progressive Metal; Progressive
Octavarium Dream Theater 2005 Rock
Scenes from a Memory Dream Theater 1996
Systematic Chaos Dream Theater 2007
Black Clouds And Silver Linings Dream Theater 2009
Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence Dream Theater 2009
Distance Over Time Dream Theater 2019
A Dramatic Turn of Events Dream Theater 2012
A View From The Top Dream Theater 2021
Dream Theater Dream Theater 2013
Drew's Famous Party Music
Heavy Halloween Drew's Famous Party Music 2000 General Pop
Duncan Sheik
Duncan Sheik Duncan Sheik 1996
Duran Duran
Greatest Duran Duran 1998 Electronic; Pop
Dystopia Dystopia 2008
Human = Garbage Dystopia 1994
Evil Forces E-Force 2003
Eagles Greatest Hits Vol 2 Eagles 1982 Rock
Hotel California Eagles 1976 Rock
Greatest Hits Eagles 1976
Eagles Greatest Hits Vol 1 Eagles 1976
Eagles, The
Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2, The Eagles, The 1982 Classic Rock
Hotel California Eagles, The 1976 Rock
Early Man
Death Potion Early Man 2010
Best Of Earth; Wind & Fire - Vol, The Earth; Wind & Fire 1978 Funk / Soul
Econoline Crush
Devil You Know, The Econoline Crush 1997 Rock
Edge Of Sanity
Crimson Edge Of Sanity 1996
Crimson II Edge Of Sanity 2003
Edwin McCain
Messenger Edwin McCain 1997
Misguided Roses Edwin McCain 1997 Rock
Honor Among Thieves Edwin McCain 1995 Rock
Nightmare World Eidolon 2000 Heavy Metal
Aurora Borealis Einherjer 2000 General Rock
Odin Owns Ye All Einherjer 1998 General Metal; General Rock
Dragons of the North Einherjer 1996 Black Metal; Heavy Metal
Electric Wizard
Orange Goblin / Chrono.Naut/Nuclear Guru Electric Wizard 1997 General Punk
Elf Elf 1997 Hard Rock; Classic Rock
Elliott's Keep
Sine Qua Non Elliott's Keep 2010 Doom Metal
In Medius Res Elliott's Keep 2008
Elton John
Love Songs Elton John 2001
Something About the Way You Look Tonight Elton John 1997
Ategnatos Eluveitie 2019
Elves, The
And Before Elf There Were Elves Elves, The 2011
Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk Emperor 1997 General Rock
Dance the Marble Naked Enchantment 1994 Rock
Towards the Skullthrone of Satan Enthroned 1997 General Rock
A Day Without Rain Enya 2000
Requiem for the Indifferent Epica 2012
Design Your Universe Epica 2009
Divine Conspiracy, The Epica 2007
Retrospect Epica 2013
Holographic Principle, The Epica 2016
Quantum Enigma, The Epica 2014
Epica (2)
Solace System, The Epica (2) 2017 Rock
Eric Clapton
From the Cradle Eric Clapton 1997 Classic Rock
Time Pieces - The Best Of Eric Clapton Eric Clapton 1997 Classic Rock
Cream of Clapton, The Eric Clapton 1997 Classic Rock
Final Countdown, The Europe 1986
1982 - 1992 Europe 1993
Recreation Day Evergrey 2003
II - Pornograffitti Extreme 1990
Best Of Extreme, The Extreme 1998
Fair to Midland
Arrows & Anchors Fair to Midland 2012
Faith No More
Album Of The Year Faith No More 1997 Rock
Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits Faith No More 1998
Fatal Aggression
Evolution Fatal Aggression
Fates Warning
A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Fates Warning 1997 Heavy Metal; Progressive Rock
Chasing Time Fates Warning 1995 General Rock
Parallels Fates Warning 1991 General Rock
A Small Deadly Space Fight 1995 Heavy Metal
War Of Words Fight 1993 Rock
First Fragment
Gloire Éternelle First Fragment 2021
Transcendence Fist
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits Fleetwood Mac 1997
Flub Flub 2019 Rock
Records Foreigner 1982
Fractal Universe
Rhizomes of Insanity Fractal Universe 2019
An Absence Of Empathy Frameshift 2005
Unweaving The Rainbow Frameshift 2003
Some Nights Fun. 2012 Rock; Pop
Reduced to Sludge Funerus 2011
Gamma Ray
Powerplant Gamma Ray 1999 General Rock
Gates Of Slumber, The
Hymns Of Blood And Thunder Gates Of Slumber, The 2009
Gathering, The
Always Gathering, The 1992 General Rock
Generation Kill
Red White and Blood Generation Kill 2011
Geoff Tate
Geoff Tate Geoff Tate 2002
George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Live George Thorogood & The Destroyers 1997
Gilby Clarke
Pawn Shop Guitars Gilby Clarke 1994 Rock
Engineering the Rule Gnostic 2009
GodSmack GodSmack 1998
Goo Goo Dolls, The
A Boy Named Goo Goo Goo Dolls, The 1995 Rock
Pleiades' Dust Gorguts 2016 Rock
Considered Dead / The Erosion Of Sanity Gorguts 2004
Colored Sands Gorguts 2013
Obscura Gorguts 2015
From Wisdom To Hate Gorguts 2001
Leading Vision Gorod 2006
Gracious Few, The
Gracious Few, The Gracious Few, The 2010 Unknown
Grateful Dead
In The Dark Grateful Dead 1997
Skeletons From The Closet Grateful Dead 1974 Rock
Great White
Twice Shy Great White 1989
Green Carnation
Quiet, The Green Carnation 2005
Journey To The End Of The Night Green Carnation 2006
Green Day
Dookie Green Day 1994 General Alternative
Green Jelly
333 Green Jelly 1997 General Metal
Green Jell�
Cereal Killer Soundtrack Green Jell� 1997 General Metal; General Rock
Come To Grief Grief 1994
Guns N' Roses
Spaghetti Incident?, The Guns N' Roses 1993 Rock
Use Your Illusion II Guns N' Roses 1991 Heavy Metal
Use Your Illusion I Guns N' Roses 1991 Hard Rock
Appetite For Destruction Guns N' Roses 1987 Heavy Metal
G N' R Lies Guns N' Roses 1986 Rock
Jazzmatazz, Volume 1 Guru 1993
Resurrection Halford 2000 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Legacy Of Kings HammerFall 1998 Hard Core Metal
Glory To The Brave HammerFall 1996 Hardcore Metal
Hard Margret
Throw U Away Hard Margret 0 Rock
South American Foreplay Volume 69 Hard Margret 1997 Rock
These Dreams - Greatest Hits Heart 1997 Hard Rock
Heaven & Hell
Devil You Know, The Heaven & Hell 2009 Rock
Coming from the Sky Heavenly 2000 General Rock
Rabbit Don't Come Easy Helloween 2003 Heavy Metal
Time Of The Oath, The Helloween 1996 General Rock
Keeper Of The Seven Key; Part I Helloween 1993 General Rock
Keeper of the Seven Keys - Part II Helloween 1988 Rock
Aftertaste Helmet 1997
Betty Helmet
Building The Perfect Beast Henley; Don 1984 Rock
Hit Crew, The
Heavy Halloween Hit Crew, The 2000 Rock
Heavy Halloween Hit Crew, The 2000 Rock
Hootie & The Blowfish
Cracked Rear View Hootie & The Blowfish 1994 Rock
Iced Earth
Reckoning (Single), The Iced Earth 2003 General Metal
Glorious Burden, The Iced Earth 2003 Black/Death Metal
Iced Earth Iced Earth 2002 Heavy Metal; Progressive Metal
Melancholy E.P., The Iced Earth 2001 General Rock
Tribute To The Gods Iced Earth 2001 General Metal; Heavy Metal
Horror Show Iced Earth 2001 Power Metal
Alive In Athens Iced Earth 1999 Progressive Metal
Something Wicked This Way Comes Iced Earth 1998 Progressive Metal; Heavy Metal
Dark Saga, The Iced Earth 1996 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Burnt Offerings Iced Earth 1995 Progressive Metal; General Rock
Night Of The Stormrider Iced Earth 1992 General Rock
Plagues of Babylon Iced Earth 2014 Rock
Days of Purgatory Iced Earth 2003 Rock
Dark Genesis Iced Earth 2001
Incorruptible Iced Earth 2017
Framing Armageddon: Something Wicked Part 1 Album Art Framing Armageddon: Something Wicked Part 1 Iced Earth
Crucible Of Man: Something Wicked Part 2, The Iced Earth 2008
Unconsciousness Of Living, The Illogicist 2012
Insight Eye, The Illogicist 2007
Imagine Dragons
Night Visions Imagine Dragons 2013
In Flames
Clayman In Flames 2000 Death Metal; General Rock
Infectious Grooves
Plague That Makes Your Booty Move... It's The Infectious Grooves, The Infectious Grooves 1997 Rock
Inherit Disease
Visceral Transcendence Inherit Disease 2010
Internal Bleeding
Corrupting Influence Internal Bleeding 2018
Greatest Hits, The INXS 1994
Iommi Iommi 2000
Iron Butterfly
In a Gadda Di Vida Iron Butterfly 1990
Iron Maiden
Brave New World Iron Maiden 2000 Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
Ed Hunter Iron Maiden 1999 Heavy Metal
Virtual XI Iron Maiden 1998 Heavy Metal
X Factor; The Iron Maiden 1995 Heavy Metal
A Real LIVE One Iron Maiden 1993 Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden 1992 Heavy Metal
No Prayer For The Dying Iron Maiden 1990 Heavy Metal
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Iron Maiden 1988 Heavy Metal
Somewhere in Time Iron Maiden 1986 Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
Powerslave Iron Maiden 1985 Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
Piece of Mind Iron Maiden 1983 Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
Number Of The Beast, The Iron Maiden 1982 Heavy Metal
Killers Iron Maiden 1981 Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden 1980 Heavy Metal; General Rock
A Matter of Life Iron Maiden 2006 Rock
Irreversible Mechanism
Immersion Irreversible Mechanism 2018 Rock
Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds
Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds 1992 Rock
Jacob's Dream
Jacob's Dream Jacob's Dream 2000 Progressive Metal; General Rock
Jag Panzer
Thane to the Throne Jag Panzer 2000 General Rock
Fourth Judgement, The Jag Panzer 1997 Power Metal; General Rock
James LaBrie
Static Impulse James LaBrie 2010
Elements of Persuasion James LaBrie 2005
James Taylor
Greatest Hits James Taylor 1976 Folk-Rock; Soft Rock
Jane's Addiction
Ritual De Lo Habitual Jane's Addiction 1997 General Alternative; General Rock
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits Janis Joplin 1973 Classic Rock
Jeff Foxworthy
Greatest Bits Jeff Foxworthy 1999 Non-Music; Folk, World, & Country
You Might Be A Redneck If... Jeff Foxworthy 1997 Non-Music
Crank It Up - The Music Album Jeff Foxworthy 1996 Rock
Games Rednecks Play Jeff Foxworthy 1995 Non-Music
Jerky Boys, The
Jerky Boys 2, The Jerky Boys, The 1994 Non-Music
Jerky Boys, The Jerky Boys, The 1993 Non-Music
Jerry Cantrell
Boggy Depot Jerry Cantrell 1998 Grunge
Jerry Garcia Band
Jerry Garcia Band Jerry Garcia Band 1997 Rock
Jethro Tull
Original Masters Jethro Tull 1997 Classic Rock
Anniversary Collection, The Jethro Tull 1997 Rock; Blues
Spirit Jewel 1998 Folk-Rock
Pieces Of You Jewel 1994 Folk-Rock
Jim Croce
Photographs & Memories His Greatest Hits Jim Croce 1985 Acoustic Rock
Jimmy Buffett
Songs You Know By Heart Jimmy Buffett's Greatest Hits Jimmy Buffett 1985 Pop; Folk, World, & Country
Songs You Know by Heart Jimmy Buffett 1985
Micro Jinjer 2019
King Of Everything Jinjer 2016
Cloud Factory Jinjer 2014
Inhale, Do Not Breathe Jinjer 2013
Macro Jinjer 2019
Alive in Melbourne Jinjer 2020
Wallflowers Jinjer 2021
Joe Cocker
Joe Cocker Live Joe Cocker 1997 General Rock; Classic Rock
Joe Satriani
Dreaming #11 Joe Satriani 1988 Instrumental Rock; General Rock
Johann Strauss
Listener's Choice: The Best of Strauss Johann Strauss Unknown
Listener's Choice: The Best of Strauss Johann Strauss Unknown
John St. John
Wolf, The John St. John 1995 Electronic
Jon Bon Jovi
Blaze of Glory Jon Bon Jovi 1997 General Rock
Destination Anywhere Jon Bon Jovi 1997 Hard Rock
Jon Oliva's Pain
Maniacal Renderings Jon Oliva's Pain 2006
Jonny Lang
Wander This World Jonny Lang 1998
Lie to Me Jonny Lang 1996 Rock; Pop
Departure Journey 1997 Hard Rock
Trial by Fire Journey 1996 Hard Rock; General Rock
Time Box Set Journey 1996 Hard Rock
Greatest Hits Journey 1988 General Rock; Soft Rock
Lambs, The Jucifer 2001
Judas Priest
Prisoners Of Pain Judas Priest 2001 General Rock
British Steel Judas Priest 1980 Rock
Point Of Entry Judas Priest 1981
Unleashed in the East Live in Japan Judas Priest 2012
Best of Judas Priest, The Judas Priest 2006
A/B Kaleo 2016
Eternity Kamelot 2002 General Rock
Karma Kamelot 2001 General Rock
Expedition, The Kamelot 2000 General Rock
Ghost Opera Kamelot 2007 Rock
Poetry For The Poisoned Kamelot 2010 Rock
Black Halo, The Kamelot 2005
Shadow Theory, The Kamelot 2018
Freaks Of Nature Kansas 1995 Rock
Live at the Whisky Kansas 1992
Best of Kansas, The Kansas 1984 Rock
Point Of Know Return Kansas 1977
Restless Karelia 2008
Sorcery Kataklysm 1995 General Unclassifiable
Autopsychosis Katalepsy 2013
Last Fair Deal Gone Down Katatonia 2001 General Rock
Kenny Wayne Shephard
Trouble Is... Kenny Wayne Shephard 1997
Ledbetter Heights Kenny Wayne Shephard 1995
Prophecies, The Kenziner 1999 General Rock
Killing Joke
Democracy Killing Joke 1996 Electronic; Rock
King Diamond
A Dangerous Meeting King Diamond 2002 General Rock
Abigail II - The Revenge King Diamond 2002 Heavy Metal
House Of God King Diamond 2000 General Rock; Black Metal
Voodoo King Diamond 1998 General Rock
Eye, The King Diamond 1990 Hard Core Metal; General Rock
Abigail King Diamond 1987 Heavy Metal; General Rock
20 Years Ago KING DIAMOND AND BLACK ROSE 2001 General Rock; Heavy Metal
Kingdom Come
In Your Face Kingdom Come 1989 General Rock
Kingdom of Sorrow
Behind The Blackest Tears Kingdom of Sorrow 2010
Psycho Circus Kiss 1998 Hard Rock
Double Platinum Kiss 1978 Hard Rock; General Metal
Blow My Fuse Kix 1988 Rock
Hot Wire Kix 1991 General Rock
KoRn KoRn 1997 Rock
Voices Of Transgression - A 90s Retrospective Kreator 1999 Thrash/Speed Metal
Cause For Conflict Kreator 1995 General Rock
Renewal Kreator 1992 Thrash/Speed Metal
Violent Revolution Kreator 2001
Collection Krokus 2000
Blues for the Red Sun Kyuss 1992 Rock
L.A. Guns
L.A. Guns L.A. Guns 1988 Rock
Sons of Thunder Labyrinth 2000 Rock
6 Days To Nowhere Labyrinth 2007
Lacuna Coil
Comalies Lacuna Coil 2002 Gothic Metal
Lake Of Tears
Headstones Lake Of Tears 1995 Gothic Metal; General Rock
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin II Led Zeppelin 1997 Rock
Houses Of The Holy Led Zeppelin 1997 Rock
Led Zeppelin IV Led Zeppelin 1997 Rock
Life Of Agony
Ugly Life Of Agony 1995 General Rock
Soul Searching Sun Life Of Agony 1997 General Rock
Life Sick Life
Same Shit Different Day Life Sick Life 1998 Hardcore
Listener's Choice
Best of Strauss, The Listener's Choice
Lita Ford
Best Of Lita Ford, The Lita Ford 1992
Secret Samadhi Live 1997 General Alternative
Throwing Copper Live 1994 General Alternative
Mental Jewelry Live 1991 General Rock; General Alternative
Long Winter's Stare
Tears of Odin's Fallen, The Long Winter's Stare 2000 Rock
Before the Dawn So Go the Shadows of Humanity Long Winter's Stare 1999 Rock
Looney Tunes
Have Yourself A Looney Tunes Christmas Looney Tunes
Loverboy Classics Loverboy 1994 Rock
Lykathea Aflame
Elvenefris Lykathea Aflame 2011
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Definitive Lynyrd Skynyrd Collection, The Lynyrd Skynyrd 1991
Gloom Macabre 2001
Grim Scary Tales Macabre 2011
Machine Head
More Things, The Machine Head 1997 Rock
Mad Season
Above Mad Season 1995 Rock
Beautiful Stranger Madonna 1999
Inhuman Grotesqueries Malignancy 2007
Eugenics Malignancy 2012
Manfred Mann
Best Of Manfred Mann, The Manfred Mann 1992 Classic Rock
Kings Of Metal Manowar 1988 General Rock
Mar de Grises
Streams Inwards Mar de Grises 2010
Marco Hietala
Pyre Of The Black Heart Marco Hietala 2020
Marine Bolkan
Moonlight Sonata Marine Bolkan 1997 General Classical
Marine Bolkan (piano)
Beethoven · Moonlight Sonata Marine Bolkan (piano) 1997 Classical
Beethoven · Moonlight Sonata Marine Bolkan (piano) 1997 Classical
Masters of Reality
Masters of Reality Masters of Reality 1988
Cold Dark Place Mastodon 2017
Matchbox 20
Yourself or Someone Like You Matchbox 20 1996 Rock
Quarterpast MaYan 2011
Mayfield Four, The
Second Skin Mayfield Four, The 2001 General Rock
Fallout Mayfield Four, The 1998 General Rock
Craving, The MD.45 1996 General Metal
Meat Loaf
Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell Meat Loaf 1993 Hard Rock; Soft Rock
Bat Out Of Hell Meat Loaf 1977 Hard Rock
Meat Puppets
Meat Puppets Meat Puppets 1997 Rock
No Strings Attached Meat Puppets 1997 Rock
Forbidden Places Meat Puppets 1997 Rock
Too High to Die Meat Puppets 1997 Rock
System Has Failed, The Megadeth 2004 Metal
World Needs A Hero, The Megadeth 2001 Thrash/Speed Metal; General Metal
Capitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years Megadeth 2000 Heavy Metal; Thrash/Speed Metal
Risk Megadeth 1999 Thrash/Speed Metal; General Metal
Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! Megadeth 1997 Thrash/Speed Metal; General Rock
Cryptic Writings Megadeth 1997 Thrash/Speed Metal; General Metal
Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? Megadeth 1997 Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
Hidden Treasures Megadeth 1995 Thrash/Speed Metal; Heavy Metal
Youthanasia Megadeth 1994 Thrash/Speed Metal; Heavy Metal
Countdown to Extinction Megadeth 1992 Heavy Metal
Rust in Peace Megadeth 1990 Thrash/Speed Metal
So Far; So Good...So What! Megadeth 1988 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Originals: Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?/So Far; So Good...So What!/Rust In Peace, The Megadeth 1986 Hard Rock; Heavy Metal
Endgame Megadeth 2009
Dystopia Megadeth 2016
Th1rt3en Megadeth 2011
United Abominations Megadeth 2007
Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!, The Megadeth 2022
Memento Mori
Phase V Memento Mori 0 Rock
Mephistopheles (5)
Sounds Of The End Mephistopheles (5) 2013 Rock
Hours, The Mercenary 2006
11 Dreams Mercenary 2004
Mercyful Fate
9 Mercyful Fate 1999 Thrash/Speed Metal
Dead Again Mercyful Fate 1998 Thrash/Speed Metal
Dont' Break the Oath Mercyful Fate 1984 Thrash/Speed Metal
Melissa Mercyful Fate 1983 Thrash/Speed Metal
Meredith Brooks
Blurring The Edges Meredith Brooks 1997
Chaosphere Meshuggah 1998
Nothing Meshuggah 2002
I Meshuggah 2004
Violent Sleep of Reason, The Meshuggah 2016
Metal Church
Masterpeace Metal Church 1999 Thrash/Speed Metal; General Rock
Hanging In The Balance Metal Church 1993 Thrash/Speed Metal
Blessing In Disguise Metal Church 1989 Thrash/Speed Metal; General Rock
Dark, The Metal Church 1986 Thrash/Speed Metal; General Rock
Metal Church Metal Church 1985 Thrash/Speed Metal; General Rock
Damned If You Do Metal Church 2018
State Of Triumph Metalium 2000 Heavy Metal
Reload Metallica 1997 General Metal; General Rock
Load Metallica 1996 Heavy Metal; Thrash/Speed Metal
Metallica Metallica 1991 General Metal
..And Justice For All Metallica 1988 Thrash/Speed Metal; Heavy Metal
Garage Days and More Metallica 1987 General Metal
Master of Puppets Metallica 1986 General Metal; Thrash/Speed Metal
Ride the Lightning Metallica 1984 Thrash/Speed Metal
Kill 'Em All Metallica 1983 Heavy Metal; Thrash/Speed Metal
Michael Hedges
Oracle Michael Hedges 1996
Michael Lee Firkins
Cactus Cruz Michael Lee Firkins 1996 General Rock
Midnight Oil
Earth and Sun and Moon Midnight Oil 1997 General Rock
Scream In Blue Live Midnight Oil 1997 General Alternative; General Rock
Blue Sky Mining Midnight Oil 1997 General Alternative
At The Sight Of The Apocalypse Dragon MIDVINTER 1997 Alternative Metal
Ska-Core; The Devil And More Mighty; Mighty Bosstones 1997
Mighty Bosstones
Ska-Core; The Devil And More Mighty; Mighty Bosstones 1997
Miscellanous Artists
Cool Trax Miscellanous Artists
Cage, The Mollo 1999
Monster Magnet
Powertrip Monster Magnet 1997 Rock
Moody Blues, The
Days Of Future Passed Moody Blues, The 1997 Progressive Rock
Butterfly Effect, The Moonspell 1999
Irreligious Moonspell 1996 Rock
Wolfheart Moonspell 2011
Motley Crue
New Tattoo Motley Crue 2000 General Rock; Rock & Roll
Theatre of Pain Motley Crue 1999 General Rock
Generation Swine Motley Crue 1997 Rock
Mötley Crüe Motley Crue 1994 General Metal; General Rock
Decade Of Decadence '81-'91 Motley Crue 1991 Rock
Dr. Feelgood Motley Crue 1989 General Rock
Shout At The Devil Motley Crue 1983
Supersonic and Demonic Relics Motley Crue 1999 General Rock
Best of Motorhead II Motorhead 2000 Thrash/Speed Metal
We Are Motorhead Motorhead 2000 Heavy Metal; Thrash/Speed Metal
1916 Motorhead 1991 Hard Rock; Thrash/Speed Metal
No Remorse Motorhead 1988 General Rock; Heavy Metal
No Sleep 'til Hammersmith Motorhead 81 General Metal; General Rock
Kiss of Death Motorhead 2006
My Dying Bride
Voice Of The Wretched, The My Dying Bride 2002 Black/Death Metal; Gothic Metal
Like Gods Of The Sun My Dying Bride 1996 Black/Death Metal; Gothic Metal
Live At The Dynamo '95 My Dying Bride 1996 Black/Death Metal
Angel And The Dark River, The My Dying Bride 1994 Black/Death Metal
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Sexplosion! My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult 1997 Electronic; Rock
My Own Victim
No Voice; No Rights; No Freedom My Own Victim 1997 Rock
Myles Kennedy
Year Of The Tiger Myles Kennedy 2018
Ides Of March Myles Kennedy 2021
Natalie Imbruglia ‎
Left Of The Middle Natalie Imbruglia ‎ 1998 Rock; Pop
Greatest Hits Nazareth 1996 Rock; Pop
Peccata Mundi Necromicon 2000
Divine Art Of Torture, The Necrophagia 2003
Carved In Stone Neil; Vince 1995
Neil Young
Unplugged Neil Young 1997 General Rock
Nenia C'Alladhan
Nenia C'Alladhan Nenia C'Alladhan 2004 Rock
Times of Grace Neurosis 1999
Enemies of Reality Nevermore 2003 Progressive Metal
Dead Heart In A Dead World Nevermore 2000 General Rock; Heavy Metal
Dreaming Neon Black Nevermore 1999 Hardcore Metal
Politics of Ecstasy, The Nevermore 1996 General Rock
Nevermore Nevermore 1995 Hardcore Metal
This Godless Endeaver Nevermore 2005 Rock
Obsidian Conspiracy, The Nevermore 2010 Rock
Dark Horse Nickelback 2010
Silver Side Up Nickelback 2007
All The Right Reasons Nickelback 2007
Night In Gales
Thunderbeast Night In Gales 1999 Black/Death Metal; General Rock
Night Ranger
Greatest Hits Night Ranger
Endless Forms Most Beautiful Nightwish 2015
Showtime, Storytime Nightwish 2013
Vehicle of Spirit Nightwish 2016
Dark Passion Play Nightwish 2007
Decades (Live In Buenos Aires) Nightwish 2019 Rock
Human. :II: Nature. Nightwish 2020
Nile JAMv2.0 Nile 2005 Death Metal
Black Seeds Of Vengeance Nile 2000 Death Metal
Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka Nile 1998 Black/Death Metal; General Metal
In The Beginning Nile 2000
Annihilation Of The Wicked Nile 2005 Rock
What Should Not Be Unearthed Nile 2015
At the Gate of Sethu Nile 2012
Vile Nilotic Rites Nile 2019
Nine Inch Nails
Downward Spiral, The Nine Inch Nails 1995 Electronic
Further Down the Spiral Nine Inch Nails 1994 Electronic; Rock
Bleach Nirvana 1997 Grunge
In Utero Nirvana 1997 Grunge; General Alternative
Nixons, The
Nixons, The Nixons, The 1997 Rock
Foma Nixons, The 1995 Rock
No Doubt
Tragic Kingdom No Doubt 1997 Rock; Funk / Soul
Nocturnal Rites
Shadowland Nocturnal Rites 2002 Progressive Metal
Grand Illusion Nocturnal Rites 2005 Rock
Metatheosis Noneuclid 2014 Rock; Latin
Northward Northward 2018
Novembers Doom
Knowing, The Novembers Doom 2000
To Welcome The Fade Novembers Doom 2004
Diluvium Obscura 2018
Omnivium Obscura 2011
Cosmogenesis Obscura 2009
Akróasis Obscura 2016
A Valediction Obscura 2021
Ixnay On The Hombre Offspring 1997 General Punk; Hardcore Punk
Ignition Offspring 1992 Pop-Punk
Only Living Witness
Innocents Only Living Witness 1995 General Rock
Deliverance Opeth 2002 Progressive Metal; Black/Death Metal
Blackwater Park Opeth 2001 Death Metal; Progressive Metal
Still Life Opeth 1999 Black/Death Metal; Hardcore Metal
Morningrise Opeth 1996 General Rock
Orchid Opeth 1994 Death Metal; General Rock
Damnation Opeth 2006
Pale Communion Opeth 2014
Sorceress Opeth 2016
In Cauda Venenum Opeth 2019 Rock
Oracle Sun
Deep Inside Oracle Sun 2005
Orange Goblin
Frequencies From Planet Ten Orange Goblin 1997 General Rock
Order of Nine
Season of Reign Order of Nine 2004 Rock
Outlaw Order
Dragging Down the Enforcer Outlaw Order 2008
Necroshine Overkill 1999 General Metal
From The Underground And Below Overkill 1997 General Metal; Heavy Metal
Years of Decay, The Overkill 1997 General Metal; Heavy Metal
I Hear Black Overkill 1993 Rock
Horrorscope Overkill 1991 Thrash/Speed Metal; General Rock
Coverkill Overkill 1989 General Metal
Sidereal Journey Oxiplegatz 1998
Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzman Cometh, The Ozzy Osbourne 1997
Ozzmosis Ozzy Osbourne 1995
No More Tears Ozzy Osbourne 1991 Pop
No Rest For The Wicked Ozzy Osbourne 1988
Tribute Ozzy Osbourne 1987
Ultimate Sin, The Ozzy Osbourne 1986
Diary Of A Madman Ozzy Osbourne 1981 Rock
Blizzard Of Ozz Ozzy Osbourne 1990
Bark At The Moon Ozzy Osbourne 1995
Down On Earth Ozzy Osbourne
Paingod Paingod 1997 Rock
Great Southern Trendkill, The Pantera 1997 Thrash/Speed Metal; Hard Rock
Vulgar Display Of Power Pantera 1992 Thrash/Speed Metal; General Metal
Cowboys From Hell Pantera 1990 Thrash/Speed Metal; Heavy Metal
Far Beyond Driven Pantera 1994
Paradise Lost
One Second Paradise Lost 1997 Gothic Metal
Icon Paradise Lost 2008
Shades Of God Paradise Lost 2007 Rock
Dragline Paw 1993 Grunge
Pearl Jam
Yield Pearl Jam 1998 Grunge; Rock & Roll
No Code Pearl Jam 1996 Rock
Merkinball Pearl Jam 1995 Grunge; Hard Rock
Vitalogy Pearl Jam 1994 Grunge; Rock & Roll
Vs. Pearl Jam 1993 Grunge; General Alternative
Daughter Pearl Jam 1993 Rock
Jeremy Pearl Jam 1992 Grunge
Ten Pearl Jam 1991 Grunge
Lightning Bolt Pearl Jam 2013 Rock
Binaural Pearl Jam 2015 Short
Peter Frampton
Frampton Comes Alive Peter Frampton 1976 Classic Rock; General Rock
Frampton Comes Alive Disc 2 Peter Frampton 1976 Classic Rock
Pig Destroyer
Natasha Pig Destroyer 2008
Pink Floyd
Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd Pink Floyd 2001 Psychedelic; Classic Rock
Atom Heart Mother Pink Floyd 1997 Psychedelic Rock; Progressive Rock
Final Cut, The Pink Floyd 1997 Psychedelic Rock
Piper at the Gates of Dawn Pink Floyd 1997 Psychedelic Rock; Progressive Rock
Wall, The Pink Floyd 1997 Psychedelic Rock; Progressive Rock
Division Bell, The Pink Floyd 1994 Progressive Rock
Animals Pink Floyd 1977 Psychedelic Rock
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 1975 Psychedelic Rock
Meddle Pink Floyd 1971 Psychedelic Rock
A Saucerful of Secrets Pink Floyd 1968 Psychedelic Rock
A Momentary Lapse Of Reason Pink Floyd 1987
Dark Side Of The Moon, The Pink Floyd 1998
Poema Arcanus
Timeline Symmetry Poema Arcanus 2009
Iconoclast Poema Arcanus 2002
Flesh & Blood Poison 1990 General Rock
Open Up And Say... Ahh! Poison 1988 Rock
Police, The
Every Breath You Take - The Singles Police, The 1997 New Wave
Police, The Police, The 2007
Rude Awakening Prong 1996 Thrash/Speed Metal
Cleansing Prong 1994 Thrash/Speed Metal
Inherited Repression, The Psycroptic 2012
Immortal Pyramaze 2008
Sermon of Mockery Pyrexia 1999
Queen Rocks Queen 1997 Rock
Made in Heaven Queen 1995 General Rock; General Blues
Miracle, The Queen 1989 General Rock
Queens of the Stone Age
Queens of the Stone Age Queens of the Stone Age 1998 Hard Rock; Heavy Metal
Era Vulgaris Queens of the Stone Age 2007
Q2K Queensryche 1999 Progressive Metal
Hear In The Now Frontier Queensryche 1997 Hard Rock; Progressive Rock
Promised Land Queensryche 1994 General Metal; Heavy Metal
Queensrÿche Queensryche 1993 Progressive Metal
Empire Queensryche 1990 Progressive Metal; Hard Rock
Operation Mindcrime Queensryche 1988 Progressive Metal; Heavy Metal
Rage For Order Queensryche 1986 Hard Rock; Heavy Metal
Warning, The Queensryche 1984 Rock
Tribe Queensryche 2003
Quiet Riot
Metal Health Quiet Riot 1996
Greatest Hits Quiet Riot 1983
Automatic For The People R.E.M. 1992 General Rock; General Pop
Out Of Time R.E.M. 1991 General Rock; General Pop
Green R.E.M. 1988 General Alternative; General Rock
Radiation Sickness
Madness Begins, The Radiation Sickness
Reflections Of A Shadow Rage 2003 General Rock
Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine 1992 Alternative Metal
Best Of Rainbow - The Millenium Collection, The Rainbow 2000 General Metal
Very Best Of, The Rainbow 1997 General Metal
Finyl Vinyl Rainbow 1986 General Metal
Straight Between The Eyes Rainbow 1982 General Metal
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Rainbow 1975 Classic Rock; General Rock
Ratt Ratt 1999 Rock
Invasion Of Your Privacy Ratt 1985
Red Chord, The
Clients Red Chord, The 2005
Regency Singers & Orchestra, The
Comfort and Joy Regency Singers & Orchestra, The 1993 Holiday
HITS, THE REO SPEEDWAGON 1988 General Rock; Hard Rock
ReVamp ReVamp 2010
Wild Card ReVamp 2013
Reverend Bizarre
II: Crush the Insects Reverend Bizarre 2005
Return to the Rectory Reverend Bizarre 2011
In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend Reverend Bizarre 2004
Triumph or Agony Rhapsody 2006 M�tal M�lodique/sympho
Dawn Of Victory Rhapsody 2000 Power Metal; Heavy Metal
Symphony Of Enchanted Lands Rhapsody 1998 Progressive Metal; Heavy Metal
Legendary Tales Rhapsody 1997 General Rock
Richie Sambora
Undiscovered Soul Richie Sambora 1998
Righteous Brothers, The
Very Best of The Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody, The Righteous Brothers, The 1990 Rock; Funk / Soul; Pop
Rival Sons
Head Down Rival Sons 2012
Feral Roots Rival Sons 2019
Rob Zombie
Hellbilly Deluxe Rob Zombie 1998 Alternative Metal
Rolling Stones
Voodoo Lounge Rolling Stones 1994 Rock
Aftermath Rolling Stones 1986
Rollins Band
Weight Rollins Band 1994 Rock
Rotting Christ
Dead Poem Rotting Christ 1997 Rock
Royal Hunt
Land of Broken Hearts Royal Hunt 1999 Rock
Moving Pictures Rush 1997 Rock
2112 Rush 1997
Caress of Steel Rush 1986
Permanent Waves Rush 1990
Bigger Than the Devil S.O.D 1999 Rock
Memento Mori Sahg 2016
Saigon Kick
Water Saigon Kick 1993
Lizard, The Saigon Kick 1992 Rock
Saint Asonia
Saint Asonia Saint Asonia 2015
Saint Vitus
Born Too Late Saint Vitus 1990
A Moment Of Silence Salem 1998
Clumsy Samiam 1994 Rock
Refuge Denied Sanctuary 1991 Rock
Into the Mirror Black Sanctuary 1990 Rock
Year the Sun Died, The Sanctuary 2014
Edge Of Thorns Savatage 1993 Progressive Rock; General Rock
Streets- A Rock Opera Savatage 1991 Progressive Rock
Hall Of The Mountain King Savatage 1987 Progressive Rock; General Rock
Gutter Ballet Savatage 1997 Rock
Poets and Madmen Savatage 2001 Rock
Handful of Rain Savatage 1994 Rock
Dead Winter Dead Savatage 1995 Rock
Wake of Magellan, The Savatage 1998 Rock
Unleash The Beast Saxon 1997 General Rock
Pure Instinct Scorpions 1996 General Metal; Hard Rock
Live Bites Scorpions 1995 General Metal
Best Of Rockers And Ballads Scorpions 1989 Hard Rock; Heavy Metal
Seal Seal 1994 Electronic
Sebastian Bach & Friends
Bring 'em Bach Alive! Sebastian Bach & Friends 1998 General Rock
Second Coming
Second Coming Second Coming 1998
Isolate and Medicate Seether 2014 Rock
Poison The Parish Seether 2017
Funeral Album, The Sentenced 2005 Rock
Crimson Sentenced 2000 Rock
Arise Sepultura 1998
Alchemy of Harmony, The Serdce 2009
Timelessness Serdce 2014
Seven Mary Three
Orange Ave. Seven Mary Three 1998 Rock
Rock Crown Seven Mary Three 1997
American Standard Seven Mary Three 1995 Rock
Shadow Gallery
Tyranny Shadow Gallery 1998 Rock
Us and Them Shinedown 2005
Amaryllis Shinedown 2012
Sound of Madness, The Shinedown 2008
Attention Attention Shinedown 2018
Leave a Whisper Shinedown 2004
Sickening Horror
Overflow Sickening Horror 2015
Freak Show Silverchair 1997 Rock
Frogstomp Silverchair 1995 Rock
Simpsons, The
Simpsons Sing The Blues, The Simpsons, The 1990 Electronic; Hip Hop; Funk / Soul; Blues; Pop; Stage & Screen
Sister Hazel
Somewhere More Familiar Sister Hazel 1997
This Is Gonna Hurt Sixx:A.M. 2011
Prayers For The Damned (Vol. 1) Sixx:A.M. 2016
Prayers For The Blessed (Vol. 2) Sixx:A.M. 2016
Modern Vintage Sixx:A.M. 2014
Lead And Aether Skepticism 1998 General Metal
Skid Row
40 Seasons Skid Row 1998 Rock
Subhuman Race Skid Row 1995 Rock
B-Side Ourselves Skid Row 1992 Rock
Slave To The Grind Skid Row 1991 Rock
Skid Row Skid Row 1989 Rock
Angel Seed Xxiii Skrew 1997 General Rock
Shadow Of Doubt Skrew 1996 General Rock
Skull, The
Endless Road Turns Dark, The Skull, The 2018
Oui Avant-Garde A Chance Skyclad 1996 General Metal; Folk-Rock
World on Fire Slash 2014
Apocalyptic Love Slash 2012
Living The Dream Slash 2018
Live Made In Stoke Slash
Slash's Snakepit
It's Five O'clock Somewhere Slash's Snakepit 1995 Rock
Fear No Evil Slaughter 1995 General Rock
Best of Slaughter, The Slaughter 1995 Rock
Show No Mercy Slayer 2003
Reign In Blood Slayer 1997 Thrash/Speed Metal; General Rock
Divine Intervention Slayer 1994 Thrash/Speed Metal
Seasons In The Abyss Slayer 1990 Thrash/Speed Metal
South Of Heaven Slayer 1988 Thrash/Speed Metal; Heavy Metal
Hell Awaits Slayer 1985 Thrash/Speed Metal
Jerusalem Sleep 1999 General Rock
Sleep's Holy Mountain Sleep 1992 Hard Rock; Progressive Metal
Snow Patrol
Eyes Open Snow Patrol 2006
Soilent Green
Sewn Mouth Secrets Soilent Green 1998 General Metal; General Rock
Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction Soilent Green 2008
Sons of Apollo
MMXX Sons of Apollo 2020
Soul Asylum
Let Your Dim Light Shine Soul Asylum 1995 General Rock
Soulfly Soulfly 1998 Heavy Metal; Alternative Metal
Down On The Upside Soundgarden 1996 Rock
Badmotorfinger Soundgarden 1991
Ultramega Ok Soundgarden 2017
Superunknown Soundgarden 1994
King Animal Soundgarden 2013
South Park
Chef Aid South Park 1998
Chinese Album, The Spacehog 1998
Spawn Of Possession/
Noctambulant Spawn Of Possession/ 2006
Spectrum of Delusion
Neoconception Spectrum of Delusion 2020 Rock
Spirits Of Fire
Spirits Of Fire Spirits Of Fire 2019 Rock
Spiritual Beggars
Mantra III Spiritual Beggars 1998 Rock
Another Way To Shine Spiritual Beggars 1996
Spiritus Mortis
God Behind The God, The Spiritus Mortis 2009
Spudmonsters, The
Moment of Truth Spudmonsters, The 1997 General Rock
Stabbing Westward
Wither; Blister; Burn & Peel Stabbing Westward 1996
Steelheart Steelheart 1990 Rock
Steve Miller
Born 2B Blue Steve Miller 1988
Steve Miller Band
Greatest Hits 1974-78 Steve Miller Band 1978 Classic Rock
Stone Sour
Audio Secrecy Stone Sour 2010
Stone Temple Pilots
No. 4 Stone Temple Pilots 1999
Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop Stone Temple Pilots 1996 Rock
Purple Stone Temple Pilots 1994 Rock
Core Stone Temple Pilots 1992 Rock
At the Gates of Utopia Stormlord 2001 Black/Death Metal
Storyteller Storyteller 2000
Intermission Stratovarius 2001 General Rock; Power Metal
Hunting High and Low Stratovarius 2000
Chosen Ones, The Stratovarius 1999 General Rock
Episode Stratovarius 1996 General Rock
Brave New World Styx 1997 Rock; Pop
Greatest Hits Styx 1995
Mission, The Styx 2018
Sublime Sublime 1996
Suburban Hoodz
This Boy's Life Suburban Hoodz 1995 General Rock
Happiness Without Peace SubZero 1997 Rock
Best of Suffocation, The Suffocation 2008 Rock
Suicidal Tendencies
Still Cyco After All These Years Suicidal Tendencies 1993 Old School Punk
Art of Rebellion, The Suicidal Tendencies 1992 Old School Punk
Design 19 Sundown 1997 Rock
Best Of Survivor, The Survivor 2006 Rock
Swallow the Sun
When a Shadow Is Forced Into the Light Swallow the Sun 2019
Mezcal Head Swervedriver 1997
Symphony X
V Symphony X 2000
System of a Down
Hypnotize System of a Down 2005 Rock
Toxicity System of a Down 2001
Steal This Album! System of a Down 2002
Mezmerize System of a Down 2005
Talking Heads
Sand In The Vaseline (Popular Favorites: 1984-1992)-Disc Talking Heads 1997 Electronic; Rock; Pop
Stop Making Sense Talking Heads 1997 Post-Punk; General Rock
To Live Forever Tarot 2006
To Live Again Tarot 2006
Gravity of Light Tarot 2010
Crows Fly Black Tarot 2007
Best of Tchaikovsky Tchaikovsky General Classical
Temple of the Dog
Temple of the Dog Temple of the Dog 1997 Grunge; General Rock
Five Man Acoustical Jam Tesla 1997 Rock
Great Radio Controversy, The Tesla 1997 Rock
Live at the Fillmore Testament 1997 Thrash/Speed Metal
Demonic Testament 1997 Death Metal; General Rock
Low Testament 1994 Thrash/Speed Metal; Heavy Metal
Ritual, The Testament 1992 Thrash/Speed Metal; General Rock
Theatre Of Tragedy
Aégis Theatre Of Tragedy 1998 General Rock
Theory of a Deadman
Wake Up Call Theory of a Deadman 2017
Symphony Masses... Ho Drakon Ho Megas Therion 1993 Black/Death Metal
Ho Drakon Therion 2000 Rock
Deggial Therion 2004
Lemuria Therion 2004
Serius B Therion
Secret Of The Runes Therion 2001
This Misery Garden
Cornerstone This Misery Garden 2013 Rock
Thorr's Hammer
Dommedagsnatt Thorr's Hammer 1998
Thought Industry
Outer Space Is Just A Martini Away Thought Industry 1996 General Rock
Valdr Galga Thyrfing 1999 Black Metal; General Rock
Judas Christ Tiamat 2002 Gothic Metal
Skeleton Skeletron Tiamat 1999 Black/Death Metal
Sleeping Beauty - Live in Israel, The Tiamat 1994 Black/Death Metal
Wildhoney Gaia Tiamat 1994 General Rock
Amanethes Tiamat 2008
Todd Snider
Songs For The Daily Planet Todd Snider 1997
Tom Howard
Christmas Traditions - Music Inspired by Thomas Kinkade Tom Howard 1998
Tom Petty
Wildflowers Tom Petty 1994 General Rock; Classic Rock
Full Moon Fever Tom Petty 1989 Classic Rock
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Into The Great Wide Open Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 1997 General Rock; Southern Rock
Greatest Hits Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 1993 General Rock; Rock & Roll
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 1976 Classic Rock
Tomahawk Tomahawk 2001
Tommy Iommi
Iommi Tommy Iommi 2000 Heavy Metal; Hard Rock
Tommy Shaw
7 Deadly Zens Tommy Shaw 1998 Rock
Lemon Parade Tonic 1996 Rock
Tony Rich Project
Words Tony Rich Project 1995
Lateralus Tool 2001 Ambient Alternative; Industrial Metal
Aenima Tool 1996 Alternative Metal; Progressive Metal
Toxic Reasons
No Peace In Our Time Toxic Reasons 1995 Rock
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Lost Christmas Eve, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2004 Christmas
Beethoven's Last Night Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2000 Contemporary; Progressive Rock
Christmas Eve and Other Stories Trans-Siberian Orchestra 1997 Rock
Christmas Attic, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra 1997 Christmas; Contemporary
A Dying Machine Tremonti 2018
Classics Triumph 1989 Rock
Trixter Trixter 1990 Rock
Plastic Green Head Trouble 1996 General Metal; Heavy Metal
Twisted Sister
Stay Hungry Twisted Sister 1984 General Metal; Hard Rock
Voyeurs Two 1998 General Rock
Type O Negative
October Rust Type O Negative 1996 Heavy Metal
Bloody Kisses Type O Negative 1993 Rock
Hel Týr 2019
Achtung Baby U2 1991 General Rock
Joshua Tree, The U2 1987 General Rock
Ugly Kid Joe
America's Least Wanted Ugly Kid Joe 1992
Warrior Unleashed 1997 Black/Death Metal
Eastern Blood - Hail To Poland Unleashed 1996 Black/Death Metal; Death Metal
Uriah Heep
Best Of ... Part 1, The Uriah Heep 1996 General Rock
Litany Vader 2000 Death Metal
Van Halen
OU812 Van Halen 1997 Hard Rock; General Rock
Balance Van Halen 1995 Hard Rock
Van Halen Van Halen 1978 Hard Rock
Keepers Of Jericho (A Tribute To Helloween) Genre: Rock, The Various General Rock
Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits Various 1995 General Alternative
50 Classical Masterpieces (disc 2) Various Unknown
50 Classical Masterpieces(disc 1) Various Classical
Pop-Rock Selects Various 2000 Rock
50 Classical Masterpieces (disc 2) Various Unknown
50 Classical Masterpieces(disc 1) Various Classical
Pop-Rock Selects Various 2000 Rock
Various Artists
CM Distro Summer Sampler Various Artists 2003 Black/Death Metal
Vol. 1-Metal For Muthas Various Artists 2002 Heavy Metal
Beethoven in the Evening Various Artists 2002 General Unclassifiable
Straight to Hell: A Tribute To Slayer Various Artists 1999 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Sony Music 100 Years Soundtrack for a Century: ROCK - The Train Kept a Rollin' (Disc 1) Various Artists 1999 General Rock
ROCK~The Train Kept A Rollin' Various Artists 1999 General Rock
Gateway to Hell - A Tribute to Slayer Various Artists 1999 General Metal; General Rock
A Tribute To Judas Priest Legends Of Metal Various Artists 1997 General Rock
Flashback! - Rock Classics Of The 70's Various Artists 1997 Classic Rock
This Is New Music Various Artists 1997 General Rock
Kiss My Ass Various Artists 1997 General Rock
Music From The Motion Picture Wayne's World 2 Various Artists 1997 Film Soundtrack; General Rock
Xtreme Rock: Music That Changes Our Lives Various Artists 1997 General Rock
Masters Of Misery (Black Sabbath Tribute) Various Artists 1997 Heavy Metal; General Rock
Soundtrack - Escape From L.A. Various Artists 1996
Love Jams-Volume 2 Various Artists 1996 General Pop; General R&B
Classical Masterpieces Various Artists 1996 General Classical
In Memory Of Celtic Frost Various Artists 1995 General Unclassifiable
Crow - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The Various Artists 1994 Electronic; Rock; Stage & Screen
Nativity In Black - A Tribute To Black Sabbath Various Artists 1994 General Rock
A Very Special Christmas 2 Various Artists 1992 Christmas
Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks Various Artists 1981 Television Soundtrack
Holy Dio - A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio Various Artists 2000 General Rock
More Deth Various Artists General Rock
More Deth Various Artists General Rock
In Memory of Celtic Frost Various Artists 1996 Rock
Disney Silly Songs Various Artists Unknown
Keepers of Jericho: A Tribute to Helloween, The Various Artists 2000 Unknown
Disney Silly Songs Various Artists Unknown
Keepers of Jericho: A Tribute to Helloween, The Various Artists 2000 Unknown
Ved Buens Ende
Written In Waters Ved Buens Ende 1997 General Blues; General Rock
Black Metal Venom 1991
Verve Pipe, The
Villains Verve Pipe, The 1996 General Alternative
Villains Verve Pipe, The 1997 Rock
Carved In Stone Neil; Vince 1995
Cosmic Genesis Vintersorg 2000 General Unclassifiable
Till Fjälls Vintersorg 1994 Death Metal; General Folk
Black Flux, The Virus 2008
Illuminance Virvum 2016
Negatron Voivod 1995 General Rock
Post Society Voivod 2016
Synchro Anarchy Voivod 2022
Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood Volbeat 2008 Rock
Beyond Hell / Above Heaven Volbeat 2010 Rock
Wallflowers, The
Bringing Down The Horse Wallflowers, The 1996 General Rock
Scorched Earth Wardog 1996 General Metal; General Rock
Best of Warrant, The Warrant 1996 Pop/Hair Metal; Hard Rock
Warrel Dane
Praises to the War Machine Warrel Dane 2008
Shadow Work Warrel Dane 2018
Shadow Work Warrel Dane 2018
Concepts of Math Book One Watchtower 2016
While Heaven Wept
Of Empires Forlorn While Heaven Wept 2002 Gothic Metal; Thrash/Speed Metal
White Lion
Best Of White Lion, The White Lion 1992 Power Metal
White Stripes, The
Elephant White Stripes, The 2004 Rock
Icky Thump White Stripes, The 2007 Rock
White Zombie
La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 White Zombie 1997 Heavy Metal
Astro Creep 2000 (Songs Of Love, Destruction And Other Synthetic Delusions Of The Electric Head) White Zombie 1997 Heavy Metal
Supersexy Swingin' Sounds White Zombie 1996 Heavy Metal
Greatest Hits Whitesnake 1997 General Metal
Saints & Sinners Whitesnake 1982 General Rock
Who, The
Tommy Who, The 1997 Hard Rock
Tommy Who, The 1990 Unknown
Tommy Who, The 1990 Unknown
Stand By For Pain Widowmaker 1994 Heavy Metal
Blood And Bullets Widowmaker 1992 Rock
Wind & Fire
Best Of Earth; Wind & Fire - Vol, The Earth; Wind & Fire 1978 Funk / Soul
Prominence and Demise Winds 2007
Imaginary Direction of Time, The Winds 2004
Forest Seasons, The Wintersun 2017
Wintersun Wintersun 2004
Time I Wintersun 2013
Exodromos Wormed 2013
Krigshu Wormed
Tribute Yanni 1997 General New Age
In The Mirror Yanni 1997 General New Age
In My Time Yanni 1993 Electronic
Dare To Dream Yanni 1992 General New Age
Yngwie Malmsteen
Inspiration Yngwie Malmsteen 1996 Guitar; General Rock
Facing the Animal Yngwie Malmsteen 1998 Heavy Metal; Instrumental Rock
Yngwie Malmsteen Collection, The Yngwie Malmsteen 1991 Instrumental Rock; General Metal
Marching Out Yngwie Malmsteen 1985 General Metal; General Rock
ZZ Top
Deguello ZZ Top 1997 Hard Rock
Пётр Ильич Чайковский
Best of Tchaikovsky (Volume 2), The Пётр Ильич Чайковский Unknown
Best of Tchaikovsky (Volume 2), The Пётр Ильич Чайковский Unknown

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