My Music(grouped by Artist)

Album Artist Date Modified
"Weird Al" Yankovic
In 3-D "Weird Al" Yankovic 2017-02-18
4 Non Blondes
Bigger Better Faster More 4 Non Blondes 2019-02-17
[nature Sounds]
Thunderstorms [nature Sounds] 2019-02-06
A Pale Horse Named Death
Lay My Soul To Waste A Pale Horse Named Death 2018-10-23
And Hell Will Follow Me A Pale Horse Named Death 2017-02-08
A Tribute to Helloween
Keepers of Jericho, The A Tribute to Helloween 2017-02-08
Gold - Greatest Hits Abba 2017-02-08
Mechanisms of Omniscience Abnormality 2019-10-24
Back In Black AC/DC 2017-02-09
Ballbreaker AC/DC 2017-02-09
DC / AC/DC Live AC/DC 2017-02-08
Stiff Upper Lip AC/DC 2017-02-09
Acid Bath
Paegan Terrorism Tactics Acid Bath 2017-02-16
When the Kite String Pops Acid Bath 2017-02-16
Aerosmith's Greatest Hits Aerosmith 2017-02-09
Done With Mirrors Aerosmith 2017-02-09
Get A Grip Aerosmith 2017-02-09
Nine Lives Aerosmith 2017-02-09
Permanent Vacation Aerosmith 2017-02-09
Pump Aerosmith 2017-02-09
A Little South of Sanity Aerosmith 2017-02-08
After Forever
After Forever After Forever 2019-03-11
Exordium After Forever 2019-03-03
Invisible Circles After Forever 2019-03-03
Prison of Desire After Forever 2019-03-03
Agents Of Oblivion
Agents Of Oblivion Agents Of Oblivion 2019-02-06
Alanis Morissette
Jagged Little Pill Alanis Morissette 2017-02-09
Other Side, The Alastis 2017-02-08
Alice Cooper
Greatest Hits Alice Cooper 2017-02-09
Last Temptation, The Alice Cooper 2017-02-09
Welcome To My Nightmare Alice Cooper 2018-10-23
Alice In Chains
Alice In Chains Alice In Chains 2017-02-08
Black Gives Way To Blue Alice In Chains 2019-02-28
Dirt Alice In Chains 2017-02-08
Facelift Alice In Chains 2017-02-08
Jar Of Flies Alice In Chains 2017-02-08
MTV Unplugged Alice In Chains 2017-02-09
Nothing Safe Alice In Chains 2017-02-08
Rainier Fog Alice In Chains 2018-10-23
Sap Alice In Chains 2017-02-08
Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, The Alice In Chains 2019-02-27
Liquid Anatomy Alkaloid 2020-11-23
Alter Bridge
Fortress Alter Bridge 2019-02-06
III Alter Bridge 2019-02-06
One Day Remains Alter Bridge 2019-02-06
Last Hero, The Alter Bridge 2018-10-23
Walk The Sky Alter Bridge 2019-10-23
Walk The Sky 2.0 Alter Bridge 2020-11-17
Blackbird Alter Bridge 2017-02-09
Amduscias Amduscias 2017-02-08
American Idol Ensemble
American Idol: Season 8 American Idol Ensemble 2019-02-06
Beneath Amoral 2019-05-01
Tales From The Thousand Lakes Amorphis 2017-02-08
Tuonela Amorphis 2017-02-08
A Fine Day To Exit Anathema 2017-02-08
Eternity Anathema 2017-02-08
Judgement Anathema 2017-02-08
Silent Enigma, The Anathema 2017-02-08
Angel Dust
Bleed Angel Dust 2017-02-08
Border of Reality Angel Dust 2017-02-08
Enlighten The Darkness Angel Dust 2017-02-08
Into the Dark Past Angel Dust 2017-02-09
Of Human Bondage Angel Dust 2017-02-08
Alice In Hell Annihilator 2018-10-23
Criteria For A Black Widow Annihilator 2017-02-08
King of the Kill Annihilator 2019-02-06
Among the Living Anthrax 2019-02-06
Attack of the Killer B's Anthrax 2017-02-08
Persistence Of Time Anthrax 2017-02-08
Return Of The Killer A's Anthrax 2017-02-08
Sound Of White Noise Anthrax 2017-02-08
Stomp 442 Anthrax 2017-02-08
Cult Apocalyptica 2017-02-09
Aquarium Aqua 2017-02-08
Arch Enemy
Covered in Blood Arch Enemy 2020-04-10
Will to Power Arch Enemy 2020-05-04
Relentless Mutation Archspire 2019-07-11
Lucid Collective, The Archspire 2019-07-24
Soundtrack Armageddon 2017-02-08
Ashes Of Ares
Ashes Of Ares Ashes Of Ares 2018-12-05
Well Of Souls Ashes Of Ares 2018-12-05
Elements Atheist 2019-02-06
Jupiter Atheist 2018-10-23
Piece of Time Atheist 2017-02-08
Unquestionable Presence Atheist 2017-02-08
Audioslave Audioslave 2019-06-07
Out Of Exile Audioslave 2019-07-08
Revelations Audioslave 2019-06-15
Illusive Golden Age Augury 2020-10-12
Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold 2017-02-08
Nightmare Avenged Sevenfold 2017-02-08
Megalithic Symphony AWOLNATION 2017-02-08
01011001 Ayreon 2019-03-18
Source, The Ayreon 2019-03-17
Universal Migrator Part I & II Ayreon 2019-04-01
Bad Company
10 From 6 Bad Company 2019-02-06
Bad Religion
Stranger Than Fiction Bad Religion 2017-02-09
Badlands Badlands 2019-02-06
Voodoo Highway Badlands 2017-02-08
Beastie Boys
Check Your Head Beastie Boys 2019-02-22
Ill Communication Beastie Boys 2018-10-23
Licensed To Ill Beastie Boys 2018-10-23
Paul's Boutique Beastie Boys 2018-10-23
Bee Gees
Greatest Bee Gees 2019-02-06
Best of Beethoven, The Beethoven 2017-02-08
Better Than Ezra
Deluxe Better Than Ezra 2017-02-09
Friction Baby Better Than Ezra 2017-02-09
Beyond Creation
Algorythm Beyond Creation 2019-06-15
Billy Squier
16 Strokes (The Best of Billy Squier) Billy Squier 2017-02-08
State Of The World Address Biohazard 2017-02-08
Black Sabbath
Black Night In San Francisco Black Sabbath 2017-02-08
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 2017-02-08
Born Again Black Sabbath 2017-02-09
California Jam Black Sabbath 2017-02-09
Cross Purposes Black Sabbath 2017-02-08
Dehumanizer Black Sabbath 2017-02-09
Forbidden Black Sabbath 2017-02-08
Headless Cross Black Sabbath 2017-02-08
Heaven And Hell Black Sabbath 2017-02-08
Live Evil Black Sabbath 2017-02-09
Master Of Reality Black Sabbath 2017-02-09
Mob Rules Black Sabbath 2017-02-09
Never Say Die Black Sabbath 2017-02-09
Paranoid Black Sabbath 2017-02-17
Reunion Black Sabbath 2017-02-09
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Black Sabbath 2017-02-09
Sabotage Black Sabbath 2017-02-09
Seventh Star Black Sabbath 2017-02-09
TYR Black Sabbath 2017-02-08
Technical Ecstasy Black Sabbath 2017-02-09
Eternal Idol, The Black Sabbath 2017-02-08
Vol. 4 Black Sabbath 2019-02-06
Blessid Union Of Souls
Blessid Union of Souls Blessid Union Of Souls 2017-02-08
Home Blessid Union Of Souls 2017-02-09
Blind Guardian
A Night At The Opera Blind Guardian 2019-02-06
A Twist In The Myth Blind Guardian 2019-02-17
Nightfall in Middle Earth Blind Guardian 2017-02-08
Somewhere Far Beyond Blind Guardian 2017-02-08
Tales From The Twilight World Blind Guardian 2017-02-08
Forgotten Tales, The Blind Guardian 2017-02-09
Blind Melon
Blind Melon Blind Melon 2017-02-08
Nico Blind Melon 2017-02-08
Soup Blind Melon 2017-02-09
Ghosts of Download Blondie 2019-02-06
Blues Traveler
Four Blues Traveler 2017-02-08
Live From The Fall Disc 1 Blues Traveler 2017-02-08
Live From The Fall Disc 2 Blues Traveler 2017-02-08
Save His Soul Blues Traveler 2017-02-08
Straight On Till Morning Blues Traveler 2017-02-08
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Bob Dylan 2017-02-08
Grateful Dead / Dylan & The Dead Bob Dylan 2017-02-08
Body Count
Body Count Body Count 2017-02-08
Born Dead Body Count 2017-02-08
Bon Jovi
7800° Fahrenheit Bon Jovi 2017-02-09
Bon Jovi Bon Jovi 2017-02-08
Crossroad Bon Jovi 2017-02-08
Keep The Faith Bon Jovi 2019-02-06
New Jersey Bon Jovi 2019-02-06
Slippery When Wet Bon Jovi 2017-02-09
These Days Bon Jovi 2017-02-08
Bonnie Tyler
Free Spirit Bonnie Tyler 2017-02-08
Empiricism Borknagar 2017-02-08
Olden Domain, The Borknagar 2017-02-08
Boston Boston 2017-02-08
Third Stage Boston 2017-02-08
Walk On Boston 2017-02-08
Boyz II Men
Christmas Interpretations Boyz II Men 2017-02-08
CooleyHighHarmony Boyz II Men 2017-02-08
Ambiguity Brainstorm 2017-02-08
Hungry Brainstorm 2017-02-08
Bruce Dickinson
Balls To Picasso Bruce Dickinson 2017-02-08
Chemical Wedding, The Bruce Dickinson 2017-02-09
Bruce Springsteen
Born in the USA Bruce Springsteen 2018-10-23
Raza Odiada Brujeria 2017-02-08
Deconstructed Bush 2017-02-08
Razorblade Suitcase Bush 2017-02-08
Sixteen Stone Bush 2017-02-08
Candlebox Candlebox 2017-02-08
Happy Pills Candlebox 2017-02-08
Into The Sun Candlebox 2019-02-06
Love Stories & Other Musings Candlebox 2018-10-24
Lucy Candlebox 2017-02-08
Disappearing in Airports Candlebox 2018-10-24
Chapter VI Candlemass 2019-02-06
Death Magic Doom Candlemass 2019-08-06
King Of The Grey Candlemass 2019-08-06
Psalms For The Dead Candlemass 2019-08-05
Tales of Creation Candlemass 2017-02-08
Black Heart Of Leif Edling (Disc 2), The Candlemass 2017-02-08
Pendulum, The Candlemass 2020-04-10
Candlemass Candlemass 2017-02-09
Casualties, The
Resistance Casualties, The 2019-06-19
Catch the Rainbow
A Tribute to Rainbow Catch the Rainbow 2017-02-08
Caravan Beyond Redemption Cathedral 2017-02-08
Hopkins (The Witchfinder General) Cathedral 2017-02-08
Supernatural Birth Machine Cathedral 2017-02-08
Celestial Season
Solar Lovers Celestial Season 2017-02-08
Celtic Frost
To Mega Therion Celtic Frost 2018-10-23
Monotheist Celtic Frost 2017-02-08
Century Media
Darkness We Feel Century Media 2017-02-09
Cephalic Carnage
Conforming to Abnormality Cephalic Carnage 2017-02-14
Halls Of Amenti Cephalic Carnage 2017-02-08
Lucid Interval Cephalic Carnage 2018-10-23
Misled By Certainty Cephalic Carnage 2019-03-29
Charred Walls of the Damned
Charred Walls of the Damned Charred Walls of the Damned 2019-05-01
Cheap Trick
Greatest Hits, The Cheap Trick 2017-02-08
Greatest Hits 1982-1989 Chicago 2017-02-08
Chris Cornell
Chris Cornell Chris Cornell 2019-02-06
Higher Truth Chris Cornell 2019-06-15
Songbook Chris Cornell 2018-10-23
Dead To The World Chum 2017-02-08
Heartbreak Station Cinderella 2017-02-08
Long Cold Winter Cinderella 2017-02-08
Once Upon A... Cinderella 2017-02-08
Still Climbing Cinderella 2017-02-08
Circle II Circle
Watching In Silence Circle II Circle 2017-02-08
Claccial Masterpieces
50 Classical Masterpieces Album 2 Claccial Masterpieces 2017-02-08
Collective Soul
Collective Soul Collective Soul 2017-02-08
Disciplined Breakdown Collective Soul 2017-02-08
Dosage Collective Soul 2017-02-08
Hints Allegations And Things Left Unsaid Collective Soul 2017-02-08
State Of Deception Conception 2020-08-12
Unraveled Confessor 2018-11-01
Control Denied
Fragile Art Of Existence, The Control Denied 2019-02-06
Corrosion of Conformity
Animosity Corrosion of Conformity 2017-02-08
Deliverance Corrosion of Conformity 2017-02-08
Wiseblood Corrosion of Conformity 2017-02-08
Council Of The Fallen
Deciphering the Soul Council Of The Fallen 2019-06-19
Counting Crows
August and Everything After Counting Crows 2017-02-08
Kerosene Hat Cracker 2017-02-08
Crash Test Dummies
God Shuffled His Feet Crash Test Dummies 2017-02-08
Human Clay Creed 2017-02-08
My Own Prison Creed 2017-02-08
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Chronicle Creedence Clearwater Revival 2019-02-06
Crowbar Crowbar 2018-12-05
Lifesblood for the Downtrodden Crowbar 2019-02-06
Obedience Thru Suffering Crowbar 2019-02-06
Odd Fellows Rest Crowbar 2018-10-23
Blasphemy Made Flesh Cryptopsy 2019-07-08
None So Vile Cryptopsy 2018-10-23
Focus Cynic 2018-10-23
Nuklearth Cytotoxin 2020-10-12
Damn Yankees
Damn Yankees Damn Yankees 2019-02-06
Don't Tread Damn Yankees 2019-02-06
Danzig Danzig 2017-02-08
Danzig - Thrall-Demonsweatlive Danzig 2017-02-08
Danzig II - Lucifuge Danzig 2017-02-08
How The Gods Kill Danzig 2017-02-08
Darkwoods My Betrothed
Witch-Hunts Darkwoods My Betrothed 2017-02-08
Daughtry Daughtry 2017-02-09
Dawn Of Dreams
Amber Dawn Of Dreams 2019-02-06
Dax Riggs
Say Goodnight to the World Dax Riggs 2018-10-23
We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love Dax Riggs 2018-10-23
If This Is Hell Then Im Lucky Dax Riggs 2018-10-23
Days of the New
Days of the New Days of the New 2017-02-09
Debut Days of the New 2017-02-08
Dead Milkmen, The
Death Rides a Pale Cow Dead Milkmen, The 2017-02-08
Stoney's Extra Stout Dead Milkmen, The 2017-02-08
Deadboy and The Elephantmen
We Are Night Sky Deadboy and The Elephantmen 2018-10-23
Human Death 2019-06-19
Individual Thought Patterns Death 2019-06-13
Spiritual Healing Death 2019-06-19
Symbolic Death 2017-02-08
Fall-Dark Waters Decoryah 2017-02-08
Wisdom Floats Decoryah 2017-02-09
Deeds Of Flesh
Portals to Canaan Deeds Of Flesh 2020-05-04
Reduced to Ashes Deeds Of Flesh 2020-05-07
Deep Purple
Battle Rages On, The Deep Purple 2017-02-08
When We Rock; We Rock And When We Roll; We Roll Deep Purple 2017-02-08
Def Leppard
Adrenalize Def Leppard 2017-02-08
Euphoria Def Leppard 2017-02-08
Pyromania Def Leppard 2019-02-06
Vault Def Leppard 2017-02-09
Defeated Sanity
Passages into Deformity Defeated Sanity 2020-08-14
Adrenaline Deftones 2019-06-07
Once Upon The Cross Deicide 2017-02-08
Human Contradiction, The Delain 2019-04-01
Demons & Wizards
Demons & Wizards Demons & Wizards 2019-06-19
III Demons & Wizards 2020-03-10
Touched by the Crimson King Demons & Wizards 2017-02-08
Failure Subside Departe 2019-06-19
Depeche Mode
I Feel You Depeche Mode 2019-02-06
Anathema Desecravity 2020-05-04
Implicit Obedience Desecravity 2020-05-04
Orphic Signs Desecravity 2019-12-08
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
All You Need Is Love Die Apokalyptischen Reiter 2017-02-08
Allegro Barbaro Die Apokalyptischen Reiter 2017-02-08
Have A Nice Trip Die Apokalyptischen Reiter 2017-02-09
Licht Die Apokalyptischen Reiter 2019-05-01
Dimmu Borgir
Alive In Torment Dimmu Borgir 2017-02-08
Death Cult Armageddon Dimmu Borgir 2017-02-16
Angry Machines Dio 2017-02-08
Dio's Inferno - The Last in Live (Disc 2) Dio 2017-02-09
Dream Evil Dio 2017-02-08
Holy Diver Dio 2017-02-08
Killing The Dragon Dio 2017-02-08
Last In Line Dio 2019-02-06
Lock Up the Wolves Dio 2019-02-06
Magica Dio 2017-02-08
Sacred Heart Dio 2017-02-08
Strange Highways Dio 2017-02-09
Master of the Moon Dio 2017-02-09
Dirty Deeds
Real World Dirty Deeds 2017-02-09
Imperfect World Disassociate 2018-10-23
And You Think You Know What Life's About Dishwalla 2017-02-08
Pet Your Friends Dishwalla 2017-02-08
Asylum Disturbed 2019-02-22
Evolution Disturbed 2019-03-24
Lost Children, The Disturbed 2019-04-01
Ten Thousand Fists Disturbed 2017-02-08
Diverse Artister
Out Of The Dark Diverse Artister 2017-02-08
Very Best of, The Dokken 2017-02-09
Building The Perfect Beast Henley; Don 2017-02-08
Doors, The
Best Of The Doors Doors, The 2019-02-06
In Concert Doors, The 2019-02-06
Best Of The Doors (Disc 2), The Doors, The 2017-02-08
Greatest Hits Doors, The 2019-02-06
Doro DORO 2017-02-09
Down II A Bustle in Your Hedgerow Down 2019-02-06
Nola Down 2017-02-08
Ultra Beatdown Dragonforce 2017-02-09
Rapture Dragonlord 2019-02-06
Dream Child
Until Death Do We Meet Again Dream Child 2019-02-06
Dream Theater
A Change Of Seasons Dream Theater 2017-02-08
A Dramatic Turn of Events Dream Theater 2020-05-11
Awake Dream Theater 2017-02-09
Black Clouds And Silver Linings Dream Theater 2019-02-06
Distance Over Time Dream Theater 2019-02-27
Falling Into Infinity Dream Theater 2017-02-08
Images And Words Dream Theater 2017-02-08
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory Dream Theater 2017-02-08
Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence Dream Theater 2019-02-25
Systematic Chaos Dream Theater 2019-02-06
Train Of Thought Dream Theater 2017-02-09
Octavarium Dream Theater 2017-02-09
Scenes from a Memory Dream Theater 2019-02-06
When Dream And Day Unite Dream Theater 2017-02-08
Drew's Famous Party Music
Heavy Halloween Drew's Famous Party Music 2017-02-08
Duncan Sheik
Duncan Sheik Duncan Sheik 2019-02-06
Duran Duran
Greatest Duran Duran 2017-02-08
Dystopia Dystopia 2019-02-06
Human = Garbage Dystopia 2019-02-06
Evil Forces E-Force 2019-06-19
Eagles Greatest Hits Vol 1 Eagles 2017-02-09
Eagles Greatest Hits Vol 2 Eagles 2017-02-08
Greatest Hits Eagles 2017-02-08
Hotel California Eagles 2017-02-08
Eagles, The
Hotel California Eagles, The 2017-02-08
Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2, The Eagles, The 2017-02-08
Early Man
Death Potion Early Man 2019-05-01
Best Of Earth; Wind & Fire - Vol, The Earth; Wind & Fire 2017-02-09
Econoline Crush
Devil You Know, The Econoline Crush 2017-02-08
Edge Of Sanity
Crimson Edge Of Sanity 2018-10-23
Crimson II Edge Of Sanity 2020-05-07
Edwin McCain
Honor Among Thieves Edwin McCain 2017-02-08
Messenger Edwin McCain 2017-02-08
Misguided Roses Edwin McCain 2017-02-09
Nightmare World Eidolon 2017-02-08
Aurora Borealis Einherjer 2017-02-08
Dragons of the North Einherjer 2017-02-08
Odin Owns Ye All Einherjer 2017-02-08
Electric Wizard
Orange Goblin / Chrono.Naut/Nuclear Guru Electric Wizard 2017-02-08
Elf Elf 2017-02-08
Elliott's Keep
In Medius Res Elliott's Keep 2019-02-06
Sine Qua Non Elliott's Keep 2019-02-06
Elton John
Love Songs Elton John 2019-02-06
Something About the Way You Look Tonight Elton John 2019-02-06
Ategnatos Eluveitie 2020-10-12
Elves, The
And Before Elf There Were Elves Elves, The 2019-04-01
Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk Emperor 2017-02-08
Dance the Marble Naked Enchantment 2017-02-09
Towards the Skullthrone of Satan Enthroned 2017-02-08
A Day Without Rain Enya 2019-02-06
Design Your Universe Epica 2019-04-01
Requiem for the Indifferent Epica 2019-04-01
Retrospect Epica 2019-07-06
Divine Conspiracy, The Epica 2019-04-19
Holographic Principle, The Epica 2019-08-28
Quantum Enigma, The Epica 2019-12-08
Solace System, The Epica 2021-08-01
Eric Clapton
From the Cradle Eric Clapton 2017-02-08
Cream of Clapton, The Eric Clapton 2017-02-08
Time Pieces - The Best Of Eric Clapton Eric Clapton 2017-02-08
1982 - 1992 Europe 2019-02-06
Final Countdown, The Europe 2019-02-06
Recreation Day Evergrey 2019-04-01
II - Pornograffitti Extreme 2017-02-09
Best Of Extreme, The Extreme 2019-02-06
Fair to Midland
Arrows & Anchors Fair to Midland 2019-06-19
Faith No More
Album Of The Year Faith No More 2017-02-09
Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits Faith No More 2018-10-23
Fatal Aggression
Evolution Fatal Aggression 2019-04-01
Fates Warning
A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Fates Warning 2017-02-08
Chasing Time Fates Warning 2017-02-08
Parallels Fates Warning 2017-02-08
A Small Deadly Space Fight 2017-02-08
War Of Words Fight 2018-10-24
Transcendence Fist 2017-02-08
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits Fleetwood Mac 2017-02-08
Flub Flub 2020-10-12
Records Foreigner 2017-02-08
Fractal Universe
Rhizomes of Insanity Fractal Universe 2019-10-26
An Absence Of Empathy Frameshift 2019-02-06
Unweaving The Rainbow Frameshift 2019-02-06
Some Nights Fun. 2017-02-08
Reduced to Sludge Funerus 2018-10-23
Gamma Ray
Powerplant Gamma Ray 2017-02-08
Gates Of Slumber, The
Hymns Of Blood And Thunder Gates Of Slumber, The 2018-10-26
Gathering, The
Always Gathering, The 2017-02-08
Generation Kill
Red White and Blood Generation Kill 2019-06-19
Geoff Tate
Geoff Tate Geoff Tate 2019-02-06
George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Live George Thorogood & The Destroyers 2017-02-08
Gilby Clarke
Pawn Shop Guitars Gilby Clarke 2017-02-08
Engineering the Rule Gnostic 2019-02-06
GodSmack GodSmack 2017-02-09
Goo Goo Dolls, The
A Boy Named Goo Goo Goo Dolls, The 2017-02-08
Colored Sands Gorguts 2019-02-06
Considered Dead / The Erosion Of Sanity Gorguts 2019-02-06
From Wisdom To Hate Gorguts 2019-02-06
Obscura Gorguts 2019-02-06
Pleiades' Dust Gorguts 2017-02-08
Leading Vision Gorod 2020-05-07
Gracious Few, The
Gracious Few, The Gracious Few, The 2019-02-03
Grateful Dead
In The Dark Grateful Dead 2019-02-06
Skeletons From The Closet Grateful Dead 2017-02-08
Great White
Twice Shy Great White 2017-02-08
Green Carnation
Journey To The End Of The Night Green Carnation 2018-10-23
Quiet, The Green Carnation 2017-02-09
Green Day
Dookie Green Day 2017-02-09
Green Jelly
333 Green Jelly 2017-02-08
Green Jell�
Cereal Killer Soundtrack Green Jell� 2017-02-08
Come To Grief Grief 2019-02-06
Guns N' Roses
Appetite For Destruction Guns N' Roses 2017-02-09
G N' R Lies Guns N' Roses 2017-02-08
Spaghetti Incident?, The Guns N' Roses 2017-02-08
Use Your Illusion I Guns N' Roses 2017-02-08
Use Your Illusion II Guns N' Roses 2017-02-08
Jazzmatazz, Volume 1 Guru 2019-02-06
Resurrection Halford 2017-02-08
Glory To The Brave HammerFall 2019-02-06
Legacy Of Kings HammerFall 2017-02-08
Hard Margret
South American Foreplay Volume 69 Hard Margret 2017-02-09
Throw U Away Hard Margret 2017-02-09
These Dreams - Greatest Hits Heart 2017-02-08
Heaven & Hell
Devil You Know, The Heaven & Hell 2017-02-16
Coming from the Sky Heavenly 2017-02-08
Keeper Of The Seven Key; Part I Helloween 2017-02-08
Keeper of the Seven Keys - Part II Helloween 2017-02-08
Rabbit Don't Come Easy Helloween 2017-02-08
Time Of The Oath, The Helloween 2017-02-08
Aftertaste Helmet 2017-02-08
Betty Helmet 2019-02-06
Building The Perfect Beast Henley; Don 2017-02-08
Hit Crew, The
Heavy Halloween Hit Crew, The 2019-02-03
Heavy Halloween Hit Crew, The 2019-02-03
Hootie & The Blowfish
Cracked Rear View Hootie & The Blowfish 2017-02-08
Iced Earth
Alive In Athens Iced Earth 2017-02-08
Burnt Offerings Iced Earth 2017-02-08
Dark Genesis Iced Earth 2019-02-06
Framing Armageddon: Something Wicked Part 1 Album Art Framing Armageddon: Something Wicked Part 1 Iced Earth 2019-02-20
Horror Show Iced Earth 2017-02-08
Iced Earth Iced Earth 2017-02-08
Incorruptible Iced Earth 2019-02-20
Night Of The Stormrider Iced Earth 2017-02-08
Plagues of Babylon Iced Earth 2017-02-08
Something Wicked This Way Comes Iced Earth 2017-02-08
Crucible Of Man: Something Wicked Part 2, The Iced Earth 2019-02-20
Dark Saga, The Iced Earth 2017-02-08
Glorious Burden, The Iced Earth 2017-02-08
Melancholy E.P., The Iced Earth 2017-02-08
Reckoning (Single), The Iced Earth 2017-02-08
Tribute To The Gods Iced Earth 2017-02-08
Days of Purgatory Iced Earth 2017-02-09
Insight Eye, The Illogicist 2019-02-06
Unconsciousness Of Living, The Illogicist 2018-10-23
Imagine Dragons
Night Visions Imagine Dragons 2019-02-06
In Flames
Clayman In Flames 2017-02-08
Infectious Grooves
Plague That Makes Your Booty Move... It's The Infectious Grooves, The Infectious Grooves 2017-02-09
Inherit Disease
Visceral Transcendence Inherit Disease 2020-05-07
Internal Bleeding
Corrupting Influence Internal Bleeding 2019-06-15
Greatest Hits, The INXS 2017-02-08
Iommi Iommi 2019-02-20
Iron Butterfly
In a Gadda Di Vida Iron Butterfly 2017-02-09
Iron Maiden
A Real LIVE One Iron Maiden 2019-02-06
Brave New World Iron Maiden 2017-02-08
Ed Hunter Iron Maiden 2017-02-08
Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden 2019-02-06
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden 2017-02-09
Killers Iron Maiden 2019-02-06
No Prayer For The Dying Iron Maiden 2017-02-09
Piece of Mind Iron Maiden 2019-02-06
Powerslave Iron Maiden 2017-02-08
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Iron Maiden 2017-02-08
Somewhere in Time Iron Maiden 2017-02-08
Number Of The Beast, The Iron Maiden 2017-02-08
Virtual XI Iron Maiden 2017-02-08
X Factor; The Iron Maiden 2017-02-08
A Matter of Life Iron Maiden 2017-02-09
Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds
Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds 2017-02-09
Jacob's Dream
Jacob's Dream Jacob's Dream 2017-02-08
Jag Panzer
Thane to the Throne Jag Panzer 2017-02-09
Fourth Judgement, The Jag Panzer 2019-02-06
James LaBrie
Static Impulse James LaBrie 2019-02-28
James Taylor
Greatest Hits James Taylor 2017-02-08
Jane's Addiction
Ritual De Lo Habitual Jane's Addiction 2017-02-08
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits Janis Joplin 2017-02-08
Jeff Foxworthy
Crank It Up - The Music Album Jeff Foxworthy 2017-02-08
Games Rednecks Play Jeff Foxworthy 2017-02-08
Greatest Bits Jeff Foxworthy 2017-02-08
You Might Be A Redneck If... Jeff Foxworthy 2017-02-08
Jerky Boys, The
Jerky Boys, The Jerky Boys, The 2017-02-08
Jerky Boys 2, The Jerky Boys, The 2017-02-09
Jerry Cantrell
Boggy Depot Jerry Cantrell 2017-02-08
Jerry Garcia Band
Jerry Garcia Band Jerry Garcia Band 2017-02-08
Jethro Tull
Original Masters Jethro Tull 2017-02-08
Anniversary Collection, The Jethro Tull 2017-02-08
Pieces Of You Jewel 2017-02-08
Spirit Jewel 2017-02-08
Jim Croce
Photographs & Memories His Greatest Hits Jim Croce 2017-02-08
Jimmy Buffett
Songs You Know By Heart Jimmy Buffett's Greatest Hits Jimmy Buffett 2017-02-08
Songs You Know by Heart Jimmy Buffett 2019-02-18
Alive in Melbourne Jinjer 2020-11-23
Cloud Factory Jinjer 2019-06-09
Inhale, Do Not Breathe Jinjer 2019-06-19
King Of Everything Jinjer 2019-06-08
Macro Jinjer 2019-10-29
Micro Jinjer 2019-06-08
Wallflowers Jinjer 2021-09-20
Joe Cocker
Joe Cocker Live Joe Cocker 2017-02-08
Joe Satriani
Dreaming #11 Joe Satriani 2017-02-08
Johann Strauss
Listener's Choice: The Best of Strauss Johann Strauss 2019-02-03
Listener's Choice: The Best of Strauss Johann Strauss 2019-02-03
John St. John
Wolf, The John St. John 2017-02-08
Jon Bon Jovi
Blaze of Glory Jon Bon Jovi 2017-02-08
Destination Anywhere Jon Bon Jovi 2017-02-08
Jon Oliva's Pain
Maniacal Renderings Jon Oliva's Pain 2019-02-06
Jonny Lang
Lie to Me Jonny Lang 2017-02-08
Wander This World Jonny Lang 2017-02-08
Departure Journey 2017-02-08
Greatest Hits Journey 2017-02-08
Time Box Set Journey 2017-02-08
Trial by Fire Journey 2017-02-08
Lambs, The Jucifer 2019-02-28
Judas Priest
British Steel Judas Priest 2017-02-09
Point Of Entry Judas Priest 2019-02-06
Prisoners Of Pain Judas Priest 2017-02-08
Best of Judas Priest, The Judas Priest 2019-02-20
Unleashed in the East Live in Japan Judas Priest 2019-02-06
A/B Kaleo 2019-02-06
Eternity Kamelot 2017-02-08
Karma Kamelot 2019-02-06
Poetry for the Poisoned Kamelot 2020-08-18
Black Halo, The Kamelot 2020-10-17
Expedition, The Kamelot 2017-02-08
Ghost Opera Kamelot 2017-02-08
Freaks Of Nature Kansas 2017-02-08
Live at the Whisky Kansas 2019-02-06
Point Of Know Return Kansas 2017-02-08
Best of Kansas, The Kansas 2017-02-08
Restless Karelia 2019-06-19
Sorcery Kataklysm 2017-02-08
Autopsychosis Katalepsy 2019-02-06
Last Fair Deal Gone Down Katatonia 2017-02-08
Kenny Wayne Shephard
Ledbetter Heights Kenny Wayne Shephard 2017-02-08
Trouble Is... Kenny Wayne Shephard 2017-02-08
Prophecies, The Kenziner 2017-02-08
Killing Joke
Democracy Killing Joke 2017-02-09
King Diamond
A Dangerous Meeting King Diamond 2017-02-08
Abigail King Diamond 2017-02-08
Abigail II - The Revenge King Diamond 2017-02-08
House Of God King Diamond 2017-02-08
Eye, The King Diamond 2017-02-08
Voodoo King Diamond 2017-02-08
20 Years Ago KING DIAMOND AND BLACK ROSE 2017-02-08
Kingdom Come
In Your Face Kingdom Come 2017-02-09
Kingdom of Sorrow
Behind The Blackest Tears Kingdom of Sorrow 2019-02-06
Double Platinum Kiss 2017-02-08
Psycho Circus Kiss 2017-02-08
Blow My Fuse Kix 2017-02-08
Hot Wire Kix 2017-02-08
KoRn KoRn 2017-02-08
Cause For Conflict Kreator 2017-02-08
Renewal Kreator 2017-02-08
Voices Of Transgression - A 90s Retrospective Kreator 2017-02-08
Collection Krokus 2017-02-09
Blues for the Red Sun Kyuss 2017-02-08
L.A. Guns
L.A. Guns L.A. Guns 2017-02-08
6 Days To Nowhere Labyrinth 2019-02-06
Sons of Thunder Labyrinth 2017-02-09
Lacuna Coil
Comalies Lacuna Coil 2017-02-08
Lake Of Tears
Headstones Lake Of Tears 2017-02-09
Led Zeppelin
Houses Of The Holy Led Zeppelin 2017-02-08
Led Zeppelin II Led Zeppelin 2017-02-08
Led Zeppelin IV Led Zeppelin 2017-02-08
Life Of Agony
Soul Searching Sun Life Of Agony 2017-02-08
Ugly Life Of Agony 2017-02-08
Life Sick Life
Same Shit Different Day Life Sick Life 2017-02-14
Listener's Choice
Best of Strauss, The Listener's Choice 2017-02-08
Lita Ford
Best Of Lita Ford, The Lita Ford 2019-02-06
Mental Jewelry Live 2017-02-08
Secret Samadhi Live 2017-02-09
Throwing Copper Live 2019-02-06
Long Winter's Stare
Before the Dawn So Go the Shadows of Humanity Long Winter's Stare 2017-02-08
Tears of Odin's Fallen, The Long Winter's Stare 2017-02-08
Looney Tunes
Have Yourself A Looney Tunes Christmas Looney Tunes 2017-02-08
Lykathea Aflame
Elvenefris Lykathea Aflame 2019-02-06
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Definitive Lynyrd Skynyrd Collection, The Lynyrd Skynyrd 2019-02-06
Gloom Macabre 2018-10-23
Grim Scary Tales Macabre 2018-10-23
Machine Head
More Things, The Machine Head 2017-02-09
Mad Season
Above Mad Season 2017-02-08
Beautiful Stranger Madonna 2019-02-06
Eugenics Malignancy 2019-02-06
Inhuman Grotesqueries Malignancy 2019-02-06
Manfred Mann
Best Of Manfred Mann, The Manfred Mann 2017-02-08
Kings Of Metal Manowar 2017-02-08
Mar de Grises
Streams Inwards Mar de Grises 2019-06-19
Marco Hietala
Pyre Of The Black Heart Marco Hietala 2020-01-25
Marine Bolkan
Moonlight Sonata Marine Bolkan 2017-02-08
Marine Bolkan (piano)
Beethoven · Moonlight Sonata Marine Bolkan (piano) 2019-02-03
Beethoven · Moonlight Sonata Marine Bolkan (piano) 2019-02-03
Masters of Reality
Masters of Reality Masters of Reality 2018-10-23
Cold Dark Place Mastodon 2021-08-01
Matchbox 20
Yourself or Someone Like You Matchbox 20 2017-02-09
Quarterpast MaYan 2019-07-24
Mayfield Four, The
Fallout Mayfield Four, The 2017-02-08
Second Skin Mayfield Four, The 2017-02-09
Craving, The MD.45 2017-02-08
Meat Loaf
Bat Out Of Hell Meat Loaf 2017-02-08
Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell Meat Loaf 2017-02-08
Meat Puppets
Forbidden Places Meat Puppets 2017-02-08
Meat Puppets Meat Puppets 2017-02-08
No Strings Attached Meat Puppets 2017-02-08
Too High to Die Meat Puppets 2017-02-08
Capitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years Megadeth 2017-02-08
Countdown to Extinction Megadeth 2017-02-08
Cryptic Writings Megadeth 2017-02-08
Dystopia Megadeth 2019-08-03
Endgame Megadeth 2019-02-27
Hidden Treasures Megadeth 2017-02-08
Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! Megadeth 2017-02-09
Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? Megadeth 2017-02-08
Risk Megadeth 2017-02-08
Rust in Peace Megadeth 2017-02-08
So Far; So Good...So What! Megadeth 2017-02-08
Th1rt3en Megadeth 2019-08-28
Originals: Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?/So Far; So Good...So What!/Rust In Peace, The Megadeth 2017-02-08
System Has Failed, The Megadeth 2017-02-08
World Needs A Hero, The Megadeth 2017-02-08
United Abominations Megadeth 2019-10-16
Youthanasia Megadeth 2017-02-08
Memento Mori
Phase V Memento Mori 2017-02-09
Sounds Of The End Mephistopheles 2019-03-29
11 Dreams Mercenary 2019-02-06
Hours, The Mercenary 2017-02-09
Mercyful Fate
9 Mercyful Fate 2017-02-08
Dead Again Mercyful Fate 2017-02-08
Dont' Break the Oath Mercyful Fate 2017-02-08
Melissa Mercyful Fate 2019-02-06
Meredith Brooks
Blurring The Edges Meredith Brooks 2019-02-06
I Meshuggah 2018-10-23
Violent Sleep of Reason, The Meshuggah 2018-10-23
Chaosphere Meshuggah 2017-02-09
Nothing Meshuggah 2017-02-09
Metal Church
Blessing In Disguise Metal Church 2017-02-08
Damned If You Do Metal Church 2019-08-28
Hanging In The Balance Metal Church 2017-02-08
Masterpeace Metal Church 2017-02-08
Metal Church Metal Church 2017-02-08
Dark, The Metal Church 2017-02-08
State Of Triumph Metalium 2017-02-08
..And Justice For All Metallica 2019-08-03
Garage Days and More Metallica 2017-02-08
Kill 'Em All Metallica 2019-02-06
Load Metallica 2017-02-08
Master of Puppets Metallica 2017-02-08
Metallica Metallica 2017-02-09
Reload Metallica 2017-02-08
Ride the Lightning Metallica 2017-02-08
Michael Hedges
Oracle Michael Hedges 2017-02-08
Michael Lee Firkins
Cactus Cruz Michael Lee Firkins 2017-02-08
Midnight Oil
Blue Sky Mining Midnight Oil 2017-02-08
Earth and Sun and Moon Midnight Oil 2017-02-08
Scream In Blue Live Midnight Oil 2017-02-08
At The Sight Of The Apocalypse Dragon MIDVINTER 2017-02-08
Ska-Core; The Devil And More Mighty; Mighty Bosstones 2017-02-08
Mighty Bosstones
Ska-Core; The Devil And More Mighty; Mighty Bosstones 2017-02-08
Miscellanous Artists
Cool Trax Miscellanous Artists 2017-02-08
Cage, The Mollo 2017-02-09
Monster Magnet
Powertrip Monster Magnet 2017-02-08
Moody Blues, The
Days Of Future Passed Moody Blues, The 2017-02-08
Irreligious Moonspell 2017-02-09
Butterfly Effect, The Moonspell 2017-02-08
Wolfheart Moonspell 2018-10-23
Motley Crue
Decade Of Decadence '81-'91 Motley Crue 2017-02-08
Dr. Feelgood Motley Crue 2017-02-08
Generation Swine Motley Crue 2017-02-09
Mötley Crüe Motley Crue 2017-02-08
New Tattoo Motley Crue 2017-02-08
Shout At The Devil Motley Crue 2017-02-08
Supersonic and Demonic Relics Motley Crue 2017-02-08
Theatre of Pain Motley Crue 2017-02-08
1916 Motorhead 2017-02-08
Best of Motorhead II Motorhead 2017-02-08
Kiss of Death Motorhead 2017-02-08
No Remorse Motorhead 2017-02-09
No Sleep 'til Hammersmith Motorhead 2017-02-08
We Are Motorhead Motorhead 2017-02-08
My Dying Bride
Like Gods Of The Sun My Dying Bride 2017-02-08
Live At The Dynamo '95 My Dying Bride 2017-02-08
Angel And The Dark River, The My Dying Bride 2017-02-08
Voice Of The Wretched, The My Dying Bride 2017-02-08
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Sexplosion! My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult 2017-02-08
My Own Victim
No Voice; No Rights; No Freedom My Own Victim 2017-02-08
Myles Kennedy
Ides Of March Myles Kennedy 2021-05-16
Year Of The Tiger Myles Kennedy 2019-02-06
Natalie Imbruglia ‎
Left Of The Middle Natalie Imbruglia ‎ 2017-02-09
Greatest Hits Nazareth 2017-02-08
Peccata Mundi Necromicon 2019-02-06
Divine Art Of Torture, The Necrophagia 2019-02-06
Carved In Stone Neil; Vince 2017-02-09
Neil Young
Unplugged Neil Young 2017-02-08
Nenia C'Alladhan
Nenia C'Alladhan Nenia C'Alladhan 2019-06-19
Times of Grace Neurosis 2017-02-09
Dead Heart In A Dead World Nevermore 2017-02-08
Dreaming Neon Black Nevermore 2017-02-08
Enemies of Reality Nevermore 2017-02-08
Nevermore Nevermore 2017-02-08
Politics of Ecstasy, The Nevermore 2017-02-08
Obsidian Conspiracy, The Nevermore 2017-02-09
This Godless Endeaver Nevermore 2017-02-09
All The Right Reasons Nickelback 2019-06-07
Dark Horse Nickelback 2019-02-06
Silver Side Up Nickelback 2019-02-06
Night In Gales
Thunderbeast Night In Gales 2017-02-08
Night Ranger
Greatest Hits Night Ranger 2019-02-06
Dark Passion Play Nightwish 2019-04-01
Decades - Live In Buenos Aires Nightwish 2019-12-06
Endless Forms Most Beautiful Nightwish 2019-03-17
Human. :II: Nature. Nightwish 2020-04-15
Showtime, Storytime Nightwish 2019-03-17
Vehicle of Spirit Nightwish 2019-03-17
Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka Nile 2017-02-08
Annihilation Of The Wicked Nile 2017-02-09
At the Gate of Sethu Nile 2019-03-29
Black Seeds Of Vengeance Nile 2017-02-08
In The Beginning Nile 2017-02-09
Nile JAMv2.0 Nile 2017-02-09
Vile Nilotic Rites Nile 2020-09-03
What Should Not Be Unearthed Nile 2018-10-23
Nine Inch Nails
Downward Spiral, The Nine Inch Nails 2017-02-08
Further Down the Spiral Nine Inch Nails 2017-02-08
Bleach Nirvana 2017-02-08
In Utero Nirvana 2017-02-08
Nixons, The
Foma Nixons, The 2017-02-08
Nixons, The Nixons, The 2017-02-08
No Doubt
Tragic Kingdom No Doubt 2017-02-08
Nocturnal Rites
Grand Illusion Nocturnal Rites 2017-02-09
Shadowland Nocturnal Rites 2017-02-08
Northward Northward 2019-02-28
Novembers Doom
Knowing, The Novembers Doom 2019-02-28
To Welcome The Fade Novembers Doom 2019-11-04
Akróasis Obscura 2020-08-12
Cosmogenesis Obscura 2019-07-25
Diluvium Obscura 2019-06-15
Omnivium Obscura 2019-07-08
Ignition Offspring 2017-02-08
Ixnay On The Hombre Offspring 2017-02-08
Only Living Witness
Innocents Only Living Witness 2017-02-08
Blackwater Park Opeth 2017-02-08
Damnation Opeth 2019-02-06
Deliverance Opeth 2017-02-08
Morningrise Opeth 2017-02-08
Orchid Opeth 2017-02-08
Pale Communion Opeth 2019-02-06
Sorceress Opeth 2019-02-06
Still Life Opeth 2017-02-08
Oracle Sun
Deep Inside Oracle Sun 2019-02-28
Orange Goblin
Frequencies From Planet Ten Orange Goblin 2017-02-08
Order of Nine
Season of Reign Order of Nine 2017-02-09
Outlaw Order
Dragging Down the Enforcer Outlaw Order 2019-06-19
Coverkill Overkill 2017-02-08
From The Underground And Below Overkill 2017-02-08
Horrorscope Overkill 2017-02-08
I Hear Black Overkill 2017-02-08
Necroshine Overkill 2017-02-08
Years of Decay, The Overkill 2017-02-08
Sidereal Journey Oxiplegatz 2019-02-06
Ozzy Osbourne
Bark At The Moon Ozzy Osbourne 2019-02-06
Blizzard Of Ozz Ozzy Osbourne 2019-02-06
Diary Of A Madman Ozzy Osbourne 2017-02-08
Down On Earth Ozzy Osbourne 2019-02-06
No More Tears Ozzy Osbourne 2017-02-08
No Rest For The Wicked Ozzy Osbourne 2017-02-08
Ozzmosis Ozzy Osbourne 2017-02-08
Ozzman Cometh, The Ozzy Osbourne 2019-02-06
Ultimate Sin, The Ozzy Osbourne 2019-02-06
Tribute Ozzy Osbourne 2019-02-06
Paingod Paingod 2017-02-08
Cowboys From Hell Pantera 2017-02-08
Far Beyond Driven Pantera 2019-02-06
Great Southern Trendkill, The Pantera 2017-02-09
Vulgar Display Of Power Pantera 2017-02-09
Paradise Lost
Icon Paradise Lost 2019-03-24
One Second Paradise Lost 2017-02-08
Shades Of God Paradise Lost 2019-05-01
Dragline Paw 2017-02-08
Pearl Jam
Binaural Pearl Jam 2019-06-07
Jeremy Pearl Jam 2017-02-09
Lightning Bolt Pearl Jam 2017-02-09
Merkinball Pearl Jam 2017-02-09
No Code Pearl Jam 2017-02-09
Ten Pearl Jam 2017-02-09
Vitalogy Pearl Jam 2017-02-08
Vs. Pearl Jam 2019-02-06
Yield Pearl Jam 2017-02-09
Daughter Pearl Jam 2017-02-09
Peter Frampton
Frampton Comes Alive Peter Frampton 2019-02-06
Frampton Comes Alive Disc 2 Peter Frampton 2017-02-08
Pig Destroyer
Natasha Pig Destroyer 2019-02-06
Pink Floyd
A Momentary Lapse Of Reason Pink Floyd 2019-02-06
A Saucerful of Secrets Pink Floyd 2017-02-08
Animals Pink Floyd 2017-02-09
Atom Heart Mother Pink Floyd 2017-02-09
Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd Pink Floyd 2017-02-09
Meddle Pink Floyd 2019-02-06
Piper at the Gates of Dawn Pink Floyd 2019-02-06
Dark Side Of The Moon, The Pink Floyd 2019-02-06
Division Bell, The Pink Floyd 2017-02-09
Final Cut, The Pink Floyd 2017-02-09
Wall, The Pink Floyd 2017-02-09
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 2017-02-09
Poema Arcanus
Iconoclast Poema Arcanus 2019-06-13
Timeline Symmetry Poema Arcanus 2019-02-06
Flesh & Blood Poison 2019-02-06
Open Up And Say... Ahh! Poison 2017-02-09
Police, The
Every Breath You Take - The Singles Police, The 2017-02-08
Police, The Police, The 2020-01-25
Cleansing Prong 2017-02-08
Rude Awakening Prong 2017-02-08
Inherited Repression, The Psycroptic 2018-10-23
Immortal Pyramaze 2019-02-06
Sermon of Mockery Pyrexia 2018-10-23
Made in Heaven Queen 2017-02-09
Queen Rocks Queen 2017-02-09
Miracle, The Queen 2017-02-09
Queens of the Stone Age
Era Vulgaris Queens of the Stone Age 2019-02-06
Queens of the Stone Age Queens of the Stone Age 2017-02-09
Empire Queensryche 2017-02-09
Hear In The Now Frontier Queensryche 2017-02-09
Operation Mindcrime Queensryche 2017-02-09
Promised Land Queensryche 2019-02-06
Q2K Queensryche 2019-02-06
Queensrÿche Queensryche 2017-02-09
Rage For Order Queensryche 2017-02-09
Warning, The Queensryche 2017-02-08
Tribe Queensryche 2019-02-22
Quiet Riot
Greatest Hits Quiet Riot 2017-02-08
Metal Health Quiet Riot 2017-02-09
Automatic For The People R.E.M. 2019-02-06
Green R.E.M. 2017-02-09
Out Of Time R.E.M. 2017-02-09
Radiation Sickness
Madness Begins, The Radiation Sickness 2019-02-06
Reflections Of A Shadow Rage 2017-02-09
Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine 2017-02-09
Finyl Vinyl Rainbow 2017-02-09
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Rainbow 2017-02-09
Straight Between The Eyes Rainbow 2017-02-09
Best Of Rainbow - The Millenium Collection, The Rainbow 2017-02-09
Very Best Of, The Rainbow 2017-02-09
Invasion Of Your Privacy Ratt 2019-02-06
Ratt Ratt 2017-02-09
Red Chord, The
Clients Red Chord, The 2018-10-23
Regency Singers & Orchestra, The
Comfort and Joy Regency Singers & Orchestra, The 2019-02-03
ReVamp ReVamp 2019-02-28
Wild Card ReVamp 2019-02-28
Reverend Bizarre
II: Crush the Insects Reverend Bizarre 2019-02-06
In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend Reverend Bizarre 2019-02-06
Return to the Rectory Reverend Bizarre 2019-02-06
Dawn Of Victory Rhapsody 2017-02-09
Legendary Tales Rhapsody 2017-02-09
Symphony Of Enchanted Lands Rhapsody 2017-02-09
Triumph or Agony Rhapsody 2017-02-09
Richie Sambora
Undiscovered Soul Richie Sambora 2017-02-09
Righteous Brothers, The
Very Best of The Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody, The Righteous Brothers, The 2017-02-09
Rival Sons
Feral Roots Rival Sons 2020-09-26
Head Down Rival Sons 2020-09-26
Rob Zombie
Hellbilly Deluxe Rob Zombie 2017-02-09
Rolling Stones
Aftermath Rolling Stones 2017-02-09
Voodoo Lounge Rolling Stones 2017-02-09
Rollins Band
Weight Rollins Band 2017-02-09
Rotting Christ
Dead Poem Rotting Christ 2017-02-09
Royal Hunt
Land of Broken Hearts Royal Hunt 2017-02-09
2112 Rush 2018-10-23
Caress of Steel Rush 2018-10-23
Permanent Waves Rush 2018-10-23
Moving Pictures Rush 2017-02-09
Bigger Than the Devil S.O.D 2017-02-09
Memento Mori Sahg 2019-04-01
Saigon Kick
Lizard, The Saigon Kick 2017-02-09
Water Saigon Kick 2017-02-09
Saint Asonia
Saint Asonia Saint Asonia 2019-02-06
Saint Vitus
Born Too Late Saint Vitus 2018-10-23
A Moment Of Silence Salem 2019-02-28
Clumsy Samiam 2017-02-09
Year the Sun Died, The Sanctuary 2018-10-23
Into the Mirror Black Sanctuary 2017-02-09
Refuge Denied Sanctuary 2017-02-09
Edge Of Thorns Savatage 2017-02-09
Hall Of The Mountain King Savatage 2017-02-09
Streets- A Rock Opera Savatage 2017-02-09
Dead Winter Dead Savatage 2017-02-09
Gutter Ballet Savatage 2017-02-09
Handful of Rain Savatage 2017-02-09
Poets and Madmen Savatage 2017-02-09
Wake of Magellan, The Savatage 2017-02-09
Unleash The Beast Saxon 2017-02-09
Best Of Rockers And Ballads Scorpions 2017-02-09
Live Bites Scorpions 2017-02-09
Pure Instinct Scorpions 2017-02-09
Seal Seal 2017-02-09
Sebastian Bach & Friends
Bring 'em Bach Alive! Sebastian Bach & Friends 2017-02-09
Second Coming
Second Coming Second Coming 2017-02-09
Isolate and Medicate Seether 2019-02-06
Poison The Parish Seether 2019-02-06
Crimson Sentenced 2017-02-09
Funeral Album, The Sentenced 2017-02-09
Arise Sepultura 2019-02-06
Alchemy of Harmony, The Serdce 2018-10-23
Timelessness Serdce 2018-10-23
Seven Mary Three
American Standard Seven Mary Three 2017-02-09
Orange Ave. Seven Mary Three 2017-02-09
Rock Crown Seven Mary Three 2017-02-09
Shadow Gallery
Tyranny Shadow Gallery 2017-02-09
Amaryllis Shinedown 2019-02-06
Attention Attention Shinedown 2019-02-06
Leave a Whisper Shinedown 2019-02-06
Sound of Madness, The Shinedown 2017-02-08
Us and Them Shinedown 2017-02-08
Sickening Horror
Overflow Sickening Horror 2020-05-11
Freak Show Silverchair 2017-02-09
Frogstomp Silverchair 2017-02-09
Simpsons, The
Simpsons Sing The Blues, The Simpsons, The 2017-02-09
Sister Hazel
Somewhere More Familiar Sister Hazel 2017-02-09
Modern Vintage Sixx:A.M. 2019-03-24
Prayers For The Blessed (Vol. 2) Sixx:A.M. 2019-02-06
Prayers For The Damned (Vol. 1) Sixx:A.M. 2019-02-06
This Is Gonna Hurt Sixx:A.M. 2019-02-06
Lead And Aether Skepticism 2017-02-08
Skid Row
40 Seasons Skid Row 2017-02-09
B-Side Ourselves Skid Row 2017-02-08
Skid Row Skid Row 2017-02-09
Slave To The Grind Skid Row 2017-02-09
Subhuman Race Skid Row 2017-02-09
Angel Seed Xxiii Skrew 2017-02-09
Shadow Of Doubt Skrew 2017-02-09
Skull, The
Endless Road Turns Dark, The Skull, The 2019-02-06
Oui Avant-Garde A Chance Skyclad 2017-02-09
Apocalyptic Love Slash 2019-02-06
Live Made In Stoke Slash 2019-02-06
Living The Dream Slash 2019-02-06
World on Fire Slash 2018-10-23
Slash's Snakepit
It's Five O'clock Somewhere Slash's Snakepit 2017-02-09
Fear No Evil Slaughter 2019-02-06
Best of Slaughter, The Slaughter 2017-02-09
Divine Intervention Slayer 2017-02-08
Reign In Blood Slayer 2017-02-08
Seasons In The Abyss Slayer 2017-02-08
Show No Mercy Slayer 2017-02-09
South Of Heaven Slayer 2017-02-08
Hell Awaits Slayer 2017-02-09
Jerusalem Sleep 2017-02-08
Sleep's Holy Mountain Sleep 2017-02-08
Snow Patrol
Eyes Open Snow Patrol 2019-02-06
Soilent Green
Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction Soilent Green 2018-10-23
Sewn Mouth Secrets Soilent Green 2017-02-08
Sons of Apollo
MMXX Sons of Apollo 2020-09-26
Soul Asylum
Let Your Dim Light Shine Soul Asylum 2017-02-08
Soulfly Soulfly 2017-02-09
Badmotorfinger Soundgarden 2017-02-09
Down On The Upside Soundgarden 2017-02-09
King Animal Soundgarden 2019-08-05
Superunknown Soundgarden 2019-08-05
Ultramega Ok Soundgarden 2018-10-29
South Park
Chef Aid South Park 2017-02-08
Chinese Album, The Spacehog 2017-02-09
Spawn Of Possession/
Noctambulant Spawn Of Possession/ 2018-10-23
Spectrum of Delusion
Neoconception Spectrum of Delusion 2020-11-25
Spirits Of Fire
Spirits Of Fire Spirits Of Fire 2019-05-16
Spiritual Beggars
Another Way To Shine Spiritual Beggars 2017-02-09
Mantra III Spiritual Beggars 2017-02-09
Spiritus Mortis
God Behind The God, The Spiritus Mortis 2019-02-06
Spudmonsters, The
Moment of Truth Spudmonsters, The 2017-02-09
Stabbing Westward
Wither; Blister; Burn & Peel Stabbing Westward 2017-02-08
Steelheart Steelheart 2017-02-09
Steve Miller
Born 2B Blue Steve Miller 2019-02-06
Steve Miller Band
Greatest Hits 1974-78 Steve Miller Band 2017-02-09
Stone Sour
Audio Secrecy Stone Sour 2019-02-06
Stone Temple Pilots
Core Stone Temple Pilots 2017-02-09
No. 4 Stone Temple Pilots 2017-02-09
Purple Stone Temple Pilots 2017-02-09
Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop Stone Temple Pilots 2017-02-09
At the Gates of Utopia Stormlord 2017-02-09
Storyteller Storyteller 2019-02-06
Episode Stratovarius 2017-02-09
Hunting High and Low Stratovarius 2019-02-06
Intermission Stratovarius 2017-02-09
Chosen Ones, The Stratovarius 2017-02-09
Brave New World Styx 2017-02-18
Greatest Hits Styx 2019-02-06
Mission, The Styx 2019-02-06
Sublime Sublime 2019-02-06
Suburban Hoodz
This Boy's Life Suburban Hoodz 2017-02-08
Happiness Without Peace SubZero 2017-02-09
Suicidal Tendencies
Still Cyco After All These Years Suicidal Tendencies 2017-02-09
Art of Rebellion, The Suicidal Tendencies 2017-02-08
Design 19 Sundown 2017-02-09
Swallow the Sun
When a Shadow Is Forced Into the Light Swallow the Sun 2019-10-30
Mezcal Head Swervedriver 2017-02-09
Symphony X
V Symphony X 2017-02-09
System of a Down
Hypnotize System of a Down 2017-02-09
Mezmerize System of a Down 2020-10-22
Steal This Album! System of a Down 2020-10-22
Toxicity System of a Down 2020-08-10
Talking Heads
Sand In The Vaseline (Popular Favorites: 1984-1992)-Disc Talking Heads 2017-02-09
Stop Making Sense Talking Heads 2017-02-09
Crows Fly Black Tarot 2019-11-19
Gravity of Light Tarot 2019-04-27
To Live Again Tarot 2019-04-27
To Live Forever Tarot 2019-04-15
Best of Tchaikovsky Tchaikovsky 2017-02-08
Temple of the Dog
Temple of the Dog Temple of the Dog 2017-02-08
Five Man Acoustical Jam Tesla 2017-02-09
Great Radio Controversy, The Tesla 2017-02-09
Demonic Testament 2017-02-09
Live at the Fillmore Testament 2017-02-09
Low Testament 2017-02-09
Ritual, The Testament 2017-02-09
Theatre Of Tragedy
Aégis Theatre Of Tragedy 2017-02-09
Theory of a Deadman
Wake Up Call Theory of a Deadman 2018-10-24
Deggial Therion 2019-02-06
Lemuria Therion 2019-02-06
Secret Of The Runes Therion 2019-08-06
Serius B Therion 2019-02-06
Symphony Masses... Ho Drakon Ho Megas Therion 2017-02-08
Ho Drakon Therion 2017-02-09
This Misery Garden
Cornerstone This Misery Garden 2019-06-19
Thorr's Hammer
Dommedagsnatt Thorr's Hammer 2019-02-06
Thought Industry
Outer Space Is Just A Martini Away Thought Industry 2017-02-09
Valdr Galga Thyrfing 2017-02-08
Amanethes Tiamat 2019-05-01
Judas Christ Tiamat 2017-02-08
Skeleton Skeletron Tiamat 2017-02-08
Sleeping Beauty - Live in Israel, The Tiamat 2017-02-08
Wildhoney Gaia Tiamat 2017-02-09
Todd Snider
Songs For The Daily Planet Todd Snider 2019-02-06
Tom Howard
Christmas Traditions - Music Inspired by Thomas Kinkade Tom Howard 2017-02-08
Tom Petty
Full Moon Fever Tom Petty 2017-02-09
Wildflowers Tom Petty 2019-02-06
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Greatest Hits Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 2017-02-08
Into The Great Wide Open Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 2017-02-09
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 2017-02-08
Tomahawk Tomahawk 2018-10-23
Tommy Iommi
Iommi Tommy Iommi 2017-02-09
Tommy Shaw
7 Deadly Zens Tommy Shaw 2017-02-09
Lemon Parade Tonic 2017-02-09
Tony Rich Project
Words Tony Rich Project 2017-02-09
Aenima Tool 2017-02-09
Lateralus Tool 2019-02-06
Toxic Reasons
No Peace In Our Time Toxic Reasons 2017-02-08
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Beethoven's Last Night Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2017-02-09
Christmas Eve and Other Stories Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2017-02-09
Christmas Attic, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2017-02-08
Lost Christmas Eve, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2017-02-09
A Dying Machine Tremonti 2019-04-01
Classics Triumph 2017-02-09
Trixter Trixter 2017-02-09
Plastic Green Head Trouble 2017-02-08
Twisted Sister
Stay Hungry Twisted Sister 2017-02-09
Voyeurs Two 2018-10-26
Type O Negative
Bloody Kisses Type O Negative 2017-02-09
October Rust Type O Negative 2017-02-08
Achtung Baby U2 2017-02-09
Joshua Tree, The U2 2019-02-06
Ugly Kid Joe
America's Least Wanted Ugly Kid Joe 2019-02-06
Eastern Blood - Hail To Poland Unleashed 2017-02-08
Warrior Unleashed 2017-02-08
Uriah Heep
Best Of ... Part 1, The Uriah Heep 2017-02-08
Litany Vader 2017-02-08
Van Halen
Balance Van Halen 2017-02-09
OU812 Van Halen 2017-02-09
Van Halen Van Halen 2017-02-09
50 Classical Masterpieces (disc 2) Various 2019-02-03
50 Classical Masterpieces (disc 2) Various 2019-02-03
50 Classical Masterpieces(disc 1) Various 2019-02-03
50 Classical Masterpieces(disc 1) Various 2019-02-03
Pop-Rock Selects Various 2019-02-03
Pop-Rock Selects Various 2019-02-03
Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits Various 2017-02-08
Keepers Of Jericho (A Tribute To Helloween) Genre: Rock, The Various 2017-02-09
Various Artists
A Tribute To Judas Priest Legends Of Metal Various Artists 2017-02-08
A Very Special Christmas 2 Various Artists 2017-02-08
Beethoven in the Evening Various Artists 2017-02-08
CM Distro Summer Sampler Various Artists 2017-02-08
Classical Masterpieces Various Artists 2017-02-08
Disney Silly Songs Various Artists 2019-02-03
Disney Silly Songs Various Artists 2019-02-03
Flashback! - Rock Classics Of The 70's Various Artists 2017-02-08
Gateway to Hell - A Tribute to Slayer Various Artists 2017-02-16
Holy Dio - A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio Various Artists 2017-02-09
In Memory Of Celtic Frost Various Artists 2017-02-09
Kiss My Ass Various Artists 2017-02-09
Love Jams-Volume 2 Various Artists 2017-02-08
Masters Of Misery (Black Sabbath Tribute) Various Artists 2017-02-09
More Deth Various Artists 2017-02-08
More Deth Various Artists 2017-02-08
Music From The Motion Picture Wayne's World 2 Various Artists 2017-02-09
Nativity In Black - A Tribute To Black Sabbath Various Artists 2017-02-09
ROCK~The Train Kept A Rollin' Various Artists 2017-02-08
Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks Various Artists 2017-02-08
Sony Music 100 Years Soundtrack for a Century: ROCK - The Train Kept a Rollin' (Disc 1) Various Artists 2017-02-08
Soundtrack - Escape From L.A. Various Artists 2017-02-08
Straight to Hell: A Tribute To Slayer Various Artists 2017-02-16
Crow - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The Various Artists 2017-02-08
Keepers of Jericho: A Tribute to Helloween, The Various Artists 2019-02-03
Keepers of Jericho: A Tribute to Helloween, The Various Artists 2019-02-03
This Is New Music Various Artists 2017-02-09
Vol. 1-Metal For Muthas Various Artists 2017-02-09
Xtreme Rock: Music That Changes Our Lives Various Artists 2017-02-09
In Memory of Celtic Frost Various Artists 2017-02-08
Ved Buens Ende
Written In Waters Ved Buens Ende 2017-02-08
Verve Pipe, The
Villains Verve Pipe, The 2017-02-09
Villains Verve Pipe, The 2017-02-09
Carved In Stone Neil; Vince 2017-02-09
Cosmic Genesis Vintersorg 2017-02-08
Till Fjälls Vintersorg 2017-02-08
Black Flux, The Virus 2019-06-15
Illuminance Virvum 2019-12-08
Negatron Voivod 2017-02-09
Post Society Voivod 2018-10-23
Beyond Hell / Above Heaven Volbeat 2017-02-09
Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood Volbeat 2017-02-09
Wallflowers, The
Bringing Down The Horse Wallflowers, The 2017-02-09
Scorched Earth Wardog 2017-02-09
Best of Warrant, The Warrant 2017-02-09
Warrel Dane
Praises to the War Machine Warrel Dane 2018-10-23
Shadow Work Warrel Dane 2018-12-05
Shadow Work Warrel Dane 2019-02-06
Concepts of Math Book One Watchtower 2019-10-26
While Heaven Wept
Of Empires Forlorn While Heaven Wept 2017-02-08
White Lion
Best Of White Lion, The White Lion 2017-02-09
White Stripes, The
Elephant White Stripes, The 2017-02-09
Icky Thump White Stripes, The 2017-02-09
White Zombie
Astro Creep 2000 (Songs Of Love, Destruction And Other Synthetic Delusions Of The Electric Head) White Zombie 2017-02-09
La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 White Zombie 2017-02-09
Supersexy Swingin' Sounds White Zombie 2017-02-09
Greatest Hits Whitesnake 2017-02-09
Saints & Sinners Whitesnake 2017-02-09
Who, The
Tommy Who, The 2017-02-09
Tommy Who, The 2019-02-03
Tommy Who, The 2019-02-03
Blood And Bullets Widowmaker 2017-02-09
Stand By For Pain Widowmaker 2017-02-09
Wind & Fire
Best Of Earth; Wind & Fire - Vol, The Earth; Wind & Fire 2017-02-09
Prominence and Demise Winds 2019-05-01
Imaginary Direction of Time, The Winds 2019-05-01
Forest Seasons, The Wintersun 2019-06-07
Time I Wintersun 2019-07-25
Wintersun Wintersun 2019-07-08
Exodromos Wormed 2018-10-23
Krigshu Wormed 2018-10-23
Dare To Dream Yanni 2017-02-09
In My Time Yanni 2017-02-09
In The Mirror Yanni 2017-02-09
Tribute Yanni 2017-02-09
Yngwie J. Malmsteen
Inspiration Yngwie J. Malmsteen 2017-02-09
Marching Out Yngwie J. Malmsteen 2017-02-09
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force
Marching Out Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force 2019-02-03
Marching Out Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force 2019-02-03
Yngwie Malmsteen
Facing the Animal Yngwie Malmsteen 2017-02-08
Yngwie Malmsteen Collection, The Yngwie Malmsteen 2017-02-08
ZZ Top
Deguello ZZ Top 2017-02-09
Пётр Ильич Чайковский
Best of Tchaikovsky (Volume 2), The Пётр Ильич Чайковский 2019-02-03
Best of Tchaikovsky (Volume 2), The Пётр Ильич Чайковский 2019-02-03

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