Album: Valdr Galga
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Thyrfing
Label: Hammerheart
Year: 1999
Genre: Black Metal; General Rock
10 Thyrfing 7:26
From Wilderness Came Death Thyrfing 4:57
Askans Rike Thyrfing 4:30
Valdr Galga Thyrfing 4:39
Deceitful, The Thyrfing 4:40
Arising Thyrfing 5:12
Firever Thyrfing 3:01
A Moment in Valhalla Thyrfing 4:55
Mimer's Well Thyrfing 4:40
A Great Man's Return Thyrfing 5:21
A Great Man's Return Thyrfing 5:21
Rating: 7 stars

Recorded and mixed at Abyss Studio B 19-30 October 1998. Manufactured in Russia by Fono Ltd. 2002 under license from Hammerheart Records.

ID: 686
Date Created: 2017-02-08
Date Modified: 2017-02-08
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Nationality: Russia