Album: Say Goodnight to the World
Medium: Compact Disc
Artist: Dax Riggs
Label: Fat Possum Records
Year: 2010
Say Goodnight to the World Dax Riggs 4:19
I Hear Satan Dax Riggs 2:59
You Were Born to Be My Gallows Dax Riggs 2:53
Gravedirt on My Blue Suede Shoes Dax Riggs 2:21
Like Moonlight Dax Riggs 4:09
No One Will Be a Stranger Dax Riggs 2:58
Heartbreak Hotel Dax Riggs 4:17
Sleeping With the Witch Dax Riggs 3:57
Let Me Be Your Cigarette Dax Riggs 2:48
See You All in Hell or New Orleans Dax Riggs 4:46
ID: 921
Date Created: 2018-10-23
Date Modified: 2018-10-23